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Blog posts from December, 2014

Our Top 10 Stories From 2014 That You Just Can’t Miss

Top 10 Posts of 2014

Approaching the New Year offers the ideal time for reflection on the previous year’s successes. So, we thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to take a little trip down memory lane and remember the best posts we shared with you in 2014. But rather than picking our favorites (that’s like trying to pick just one kind of our favourite ice creams!), we let you decide. Here’s the list of the most read, new stories on National Event Supply in the past year:

  1.        Where to buy wedding linens direct in Canada

While buying wedding linens direct is quite prevalent in the United States, finding good quality, seamless wedding linens wholesale in Canada can be a more time consuming and difficult task. One of the questions that we often get asked is where to buy wedding linens direct in Canada. Besides National Event Supply (who as you may or may not know have a new line of polyester linens and spandex table covers), we’ve rounded up 4 companies you can purchase wedding linens direct from.

  1.        How much do Chiavari Chairs Cost to Buy in Canada

One of the first questions a party rental, event rental, hotel, banquet hall or caterer asks themselves when they begin the process of buying chiavari chairs wholesale is: How much does a chiavari chair cost, and what are the expected prices for different kinds of chiavari chairs? Unfortunately many Canadian companies run into road blocks when they research online as to how much chiavari chairs are really going to cost with few in the industry posting prices online. This article will attempt to answer this important question – just keep in mind that chiavari chair prices vary drastically between the United States and Canada – buying from US companies may look like a better deal but with the exchange rates, duties and shipping – your end cost could be higher than if you’d bought from a Canadian company. As the different types of chiavari chairs have different price points, this article takes a look at what a Canadian company buying from a Canadian event equipment sales supplier can expect in terms of pricing.

  1.        The Best Restaurant Supplies Store in Toronto

Each year, we at National Event Supply work with restaurants around the Greater Toronto area with respect to their restaurant supplies such as porcelain platters, bowls, porcelain dinnerware, flatware and glass stemware. And because so many folks know our thoughts (from this website) on quality products and great service, they often ask us who are some of the other restaurant supply stores in the area? We like to be as transparent as possible with our customers and because of this, this post lists a few of the companies that have a solid restaurant supply history in the Toronto area.

  1.        The Best Tent Manufacturers in Canada

There are many events especially in Canada that may opt to be outdoors and want the assurance that regardless of the weather, their event can continue as planned. Because of this, tent rentals are vastly popular – especially in climates such as ours that experience different changes in season, weather and temperature. If you’re in the market to purchase tents – whether they be pop up tents or portable fabric structures - knowing the best tent manufacturers to look into can help get a head start on your research and due diligence.

  1.        How Much do Wedding Folding Chairs Cost in Canada?

Next to the Chiavari Chair, the most popular event chair for weddings would be Wedding White Folding Chairs. Party and event rental companies, hotels, banquet halls and caterers often start their search off for these chairs asking what different variations of white wedding folding chairs exist and how much do white wedding folding chairs cost? This blog post will detail the range of cost (if buying from a Canadian event equipment supplier) and styles of white wedding folding chairs and the reasons for the cost variations.

  1.        Best Catering Supplies Stores in Toronto

More and more over the years National Event Supply has increasingly gained additional customers in the catering / foodservice industry – particularly in the Greater Toronto area with respect to their catering supplies such as porcelain platters & bowls, melamine platters & bowls, porcelain wonton spoons, porcelain tasting spoons, amuse-bouche spoons & amuse-bouche forks. And because so many folks know our thoughts (from this website) on quality products and great service, they often ask us who would we classify as the best catering supply store and competitors that sell catering supplies in the area. This post lists some of the companies that have a solid catering supply history in the Toronto area.

  1.        How much weight can a white resin folding chair hold

We've been testing our tables and chairs for almost a year. We've done tests to see how much weight it takes to destroy our NES Reliable Folding Chairs. We did an overnight test showing that our Plastic Folding Chairs have no problems holding 396 pounds for over 12 hours. And we've tested our bar-height folding chairs to prove their strength.

This post stress tests one of our most popular event chairs, the NES Reliable White Resin Folding Chair. Rental companies buy white resin folding chairs because they are perfect for outdoor events on a sunny summer weekend and can be used inside when the weather is snowy and miserable. Sales of our white resin chairs have been increased every year that we have offered them. People just love our white resin padded chairs! Some people are a little hesitant about purchasing a chair made entirely of plastic, and this video is for them. Find out how much weight our NES Reliable White Resin Folding Chairs can take by watching the video in this post.

  1.        Where to buy bar supplies in Toronto

Drinking places such as bars and pubs as well as restaurants and caterers that offer bar service often require bar supplies to ensure the bar portion of the establishment is running smoothly and generating revenue. Where to buy bar supplies is one more question that a foodservice operator doesn’t need in his/her life. To make it easier on you (because we know you’re strapped for time!) we’ve answered the question “Where to Buy Bar Supplies in Toronto” in this post.

  1.        The Definitive Party Rental Guide to Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs are without a doubt one of the most asked for event staples. They help brides take their event to the next level. For a party rental company, investing in Chiavari chairs isn’t cheap though. They can definitely be an investment that pays off especially with proper research before purchasing. Over the three and a half years we’ve been publishing this blog, we’ve been answering the questions asked of us by our clients. With Chiavari chairs being one of the many event supplies we sell, we’ve answered many questions regarding these fabulous event chairs. This article rounds up (in an easy-to-reference list) the definitive party rental guide to Chiavari chairs.

  1.        How much weight can a 60 Inch Plastic Round Folding Table Hold?

After hearing that our customers were interested in what it takes to break our round plastic and wood folding tables, we knew that we had to push a video starring our 60" round folding table to the head of the line. This article features a stress test of our 60 Inch NES Reliable Plastic Round Folding Table. This is the most popular size of round folding table that we sell, and is manufactured to hold 1000 pounds evenly distributed across the top of the table. Want to see how much weight we could load onto the table? Watch the video.

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How much Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain (Per Person)

As a banquet hall or caterer begins to plan a wedding or event which requires a chocolate fountain, having an understanding of how much chocolate for a chocolate fountain to adequately cover the number of people attending will ensure there’s no issues with too much or too little chocolate. This short blog post will help you determine how much chocolate you should be buying so you can properly estimate your food costs.

# of People at Event Amount of Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain
25 0.8 kg / 1.9 lbs of chocolate
50 1.7 kg / 3.8 lbs of chocolate
100 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs of chocolate
150 5.3 kg / 11.6 lbs of chocolate
225 8 kg / 17.5 lbs of chocolate


If you're interested in a quote for milk or dark chocolate for chocolate fountains including shipping to your location:


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How much do 8 foot harvest tables cost in Canada?

8-Foot Harvest Table

8 foot harvest tables have fast become THE table to rent for rustic or vintage weddings. The trend first caught on 2013 and hasn’t shown signs of stopping. Finding tables that can be transported easily is another matter entirely though. Most tables on the market cannot be disassembled and we’ve heard from many rental companies that they’re making their own – so be prepared when deciding to get into the harvest table trend that you could need to set aside a lot of space in your warehouse should you decide to go with a table that doesn’t disassemble.

Cost of 8 foot harvest table

8 foot harvest tables will range quite dramatically in price because there is so few wholesalers that stock harvest tables so you may need to buy retail depending on the style of table required. A traditional harvest table with rustic styled wood and a walnut / dark fruitwood stain will range in price from $489.95 to $2135 Canadian. These tables will seat 8-10 people and allow for ample space to place family style food dishes down the center while still allowing people plenty of room to eat. Because of how much an 8 foot harvest table can weigh, you should expect shipping to be higher than a regular folding table based on how large the tables are as well as how heavy they can be.

Hopefully this post has given you an idea how much you should be budgeting for harvest tables for your rental inventory.

National Event Supply has just released an 8 foot solid wood harvest table with walnut finish. The table features removable legs so rental companies can more easily store and transport the tables. If you’re interested in getting a quote for our 8 foot harvest table, contact us here.

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18/10 Flatware vs 18/0 Stainless Steel Flatware

Maria Stainless Steel FlatwareWhen choosing stainless steel flatware for your catering company, restaurant or party rental, understanding what makes up the flatware and its pros and cons is important. It helps an owner understand how to care for the cutlery and how often they should be looking at replacing it. Flatware typically comes in 18/10, 18/8, 18/0 and 13/0 compositions. The most common type of composition found in rental situations, restaurants and catering functions is 18/10 and 18/0 and is what the basis of this blog post is on.

18/10 stainless steel flatware and 18/0 stainless steel flatware is made up of Chromium and Nickel. The “18” number refers to the percentage of Chromium in the stainless steel flatware. Chromium is a strong durable metal that resists stains, rust and corrosion. The “10” or “0” number is the percentage of nickel in the flatware. Nickel is a corrosion resistant metal that is very expensive and often used for its shine and luster. For casual restaurants or high volume events / restaurants, choosing an 18/0 cutlery will work well with its soft sheen and economic value. Higher end fine dining restaurants or rental companies who service a luxury clientele will be happier with 18/10 flatware for its high shine and stain resistance. Below outlines some of the pros and cons of each flatware type.

18/10 Flatware

  • High polish finish
  • Superior rust resistant qualities
  • Highest durability
  • Easy to maintain
  • More costly than 18/0 due to nickel
  • Stain resistant
  • Dishwasher safe

18/0 flatware

  • Softer shine
  • Prone to staining
  • Less expensive due to the lack of nickel in it
  • Most still possess durability for everyday use
  • Dishwasher safe

Hopefully this blog post helps you understand and determine what metal composition you’d like for your business.


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Thanks for being Awesome!

Hey you—yes you. You’ve been reading our blog! Maybe you’re a new reader, maybe you’ve been a long time follower. Whatever the case may be, we just wanted to say thanks…

2014 Holiday Card

We wanted to stop and say we’re thankful for you. So often the holidays are a rush of parties, shopping, and craziness. Today we pause from all of that to say “You’re awesome”. Thank you for coming to visit us and taking time out of your day to either read our blog, frequent our website, or purchase products from us. All of us at National Event Supply wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2015!

The National Event Supply Team

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