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Blog posts from January, 2015

The Benefits of Leasing for Party Rental Companies

Growth through Leasing

Almost any type of organization can take advantage of leasing, including proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, government agencies, religious and non-profit organizations. It is possible to lease almost anything associated with your businesses operation, including capital equipment, hardware, software and even soft costs such as installation and consultation.

8 out of 10 businesses choose leasing over cash or bank loan equipment purchases, because most businesses make money by using equipment, not by owning it.

Read on to find out why, and how leasing can give you the competitive advantage to help you grow your business.

Speed, Convenience and Flexibility

Banks and other financing sources tend to move slowly, drawing out the process of an application and finally, after many days of review, providing an answer. Leasing moves at the speed of business: online applications are approved or denied within minutes of receipt. The documentation provided with your lease is also simpler and more flexible, and 100% of the associated costs, including service, shipping and installation costs, can be financed, spreading the cost evenly over the lease term. A lease line of credit offers all the benefits of leasing and more, with a predetermined rate quoted based on the volume of the line, guaranteeing you a lower rate of interest than with submitting separate, individual leases.

Stay on the Leading Edge

Often, outdated or obsolete equipment is shuffled downstream or stored away to the point where it is worth less than the costs associated with selling or disposing of it. Leasing offers a built in termination date, the lease term, which can be calculated to coincide with the equipment’s productive life and allows you to acquire the equipment you need today and use it cost-­‐effectively until it no longer meets your needs. At the end of the lease, equipment can be upgraded, allowing you to avoid dealing with outdated and obsolete equipment. If your competitive advantage relies on the latest, most sophisticated hardware, leasing should definitely be considered. No matter how fast the leading edge is moving, leasing can help you keep pace.

Outsource Your Asset Management

The process of buying, maintaining and disposing of equipment can be time consuming and can draw your company’s valuable technical and operational resources away from mission-­‐critical priorities. Leasing can be implemented as outsourced asset management, allowing you to offload effort from your team and spread the cost evenly over your lease term.

Effectively Manage Your Cash Flow

Leasing offers a significant advantage to business with predictable or seasonal cycles, allowing flexible options for the customization of your payment schedule to your needs. With a well-­‐structured lease, you will not pay for your equipment until it has paid for itself. Additionally, fixed rate lease payments allow you to accurately predict equipment costs and cash needs, unlike the variable interest rates offered by many bank loan and credit line options.

Conserve Your Capital and Borrowing Power

In this day and age of rapid technological growth, leading edge equipment assets depreciate faster than ever before. Traditional bank lines are perfect for day-­‐to-­‐day business expenses, but not for funding long-­‐term capital acquisitions. Leasing provides an alternate source of credit and financing that allows you to acquire what you need, when you need it, without investing in depreciation. Additionally, leasing will not weaken your borrowing power, because money has not been borrowed, leaving your existing credit line healthy and available for your company’s growth and other unforeseen expenses.

Overcome Budget Limitations

Spreading your costs evenly over a lease terms can help you stretch your budgeted dollars to acquire the quality and quantity of assets you really want, instead of the bare minimum required.

Tax Benefits*

Monthly payments on operating leases are typically viewed as operating expenses, and are made from pre-­‐tax rather than after-­‐tax earnings, offering significant tax benefits. *Please contact your tax and legal advisors to determine the most tax-­‐beneficial lease for your specific situation.

Are there any benefits that you have seen that we haven’t covered? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

About the Author:

Robert Brown is the Senior Account Manager for Easylease Corp., a Canadian-based leasing and financing company focused on making it easier than ever before for companies to overcome cash flow and resource constraints to acquire the assets they need to grow their business. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact Robert at 613-825-3557 or rbrown[at]

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How Strong is a 6 Foot Rectangular Wood Folding Table?

We often get asked how strong our tables are. Everyone is scared of getting a table that's not strong enough or that will collapse in a strong breeze. In the past, we've stress tested our plastic folding tables, showing what it takes to break a 6-ft Rectangular Plastic Folding Table, an 8-ft rectangular plastic folding table, and a 60-inch Round plastic folding table. Unfortunately, after stress testing our 8-ft wood folding table, last year's winter got really bad and we had to use our road salt to melt ice instead of breaking wood tables. But winter's back again, we've got a couple of skids of salt, and a desire to stress some tables!

Our first stress test is going to be the 6-ft wood rectangle folding table. Want to know how much salt it takes to break the table? Watch on!

Now that you've seen what it takes to destroy one of our 6-ft Wood Folding Table, why not:


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How Much do Folding Bar Stools cost in Canada?

With spandex covered cruiser tables becoming more popular at events, our rental companies have been looking for seating which compliments the tables. Regular bar stools can be a pain in the butt if they don't stack and can take up a lot of space in both trucks and warehouses. Folding bar stools are an attractive solution to this problem. A light weight folding chair makes load-ins and unloads easy and because they fold down, they occupy less space in both trucks and warehouses. With our spandex linens and cruiser tables growing in popularity month after month, we're often asked "How much do folding bar stools cost in Canada?" Read on for an answer!

Cruiser Table and Folding Bar Chairs

Image By: Events You Want

Cost of Folding Bar Stools

A folding bar stool can range in price from $27.99 to $85.00. This range is quite large, and reflects the different materials that can be used in the folding bar stool. For simpler chairs, with a strong steel frame and a simple back and seat, you're looking at the low end of the range. If you start adding leather padding, or upholstery, you're looking at a pricier chair. Often suppliers of event chairs provide volume discounts that discount the price per chair as the quantity of chairs purchased increases.

Hopefully this post allows you to budget the approximate amount you’re looking to spend on folding bar stools.

If you're interested in a quote including shipping to your location:

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Crystal Wine Glasses vs Glass Wine Glasses For Restaurants

Anyone not in the foodservice and restaurant industry would not understand the need to write a blog post about crystal and glass stemware and glassware – however you and I both know that even something as miniscule as the choice of glass material for your guest’s choice of beverage goes a long way towards enhancing the aesthetics and atmosphere of the restaurant. If you’re reading this blog post though, chances are you’re in the midst of determining what type of crystal and glass wine glasses make the most sense for your establishment. We’ll shed more light below on why choose crystal wine glasses over glass wine glasses and vice versa.

Victoria Crystal

Crystal Wineglasses

  • Traditionally used in upscale fine dining establishments or restaurants less prone to breakage
  • Older crystal wine glasses can have lead in them. Most crystal wine glasses these days are unleaded due to the fact that lead used to leech into the beverage making it hazardous for a person’s health
  • Help to control the temperature of the wine
  • Accentuates the aroma and flavours of the wine
  • Allows light to refract through the glass making them sparkle on the table
  • Light in weight
  • Frailer and therefore more fragile than glass stemware
  • Sometimes hand washable only
  • Average cost is more expensive than glass stemware thus replacement costs are higher

Glass Wineglasses

Glass Wineglasses

  • Traditionally used in more casual dining atmospheres and restaurants where more breakage occurs (i.e. pubs / bars)
  • Doesn’t shine the way crystal does as it is slightly more opaque
  • More affordable than crystal so replacement costs are lower than average
  • More durable than crystal
  • Thicker structure (thicker bowl, rim, foot and stem) generally
  • Dishwasher safe

Restaurants with an extensive wine menu and upscale offerings or restaurants looking to position themselves as a food and wine destination would do best purchasing crystal wine glasses. Fast Casual restaurants, pubs and bars would do best purchasing glass wine glasses enabling them to optimize the durability of the glass.

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our crystal wine glasses or glass wine glasses:


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Stop By and See Us at the BC Regional Trade Show

BC CRA Booth

This Friday January 23rd starting at 4PM, we will be exhibiting at CRA BC Regional Trade Show taking place at the Cloverdale Rodeo & Exhibition Show Barn in Surrey, British Columbia. We’ve been exhibiting at this show for 5 years and are looking forward to catching up with our prospective and current customers in BC in booth 42/43.

As a thank you for all the support all you fabulous British Columbians have shown to our company, we’re offering anyone that stops by our booth the ability to save 10% on all spandex/polyester tablecloths as well as any crystal or glass drinkware.

This year, the BC Local chapter of the Canadian Rental Association has put together a fabulous show incentive to anyone from a rental company that attends. The CRA BC Local will be making 2 draws for $1000.00 each to be spent at the trade show. The draws will take place on the Friday night and on the Saturday afternoon. In order to win, you must attend the show and be present at the draw. There is only one prize per attendee and the prize money needs to be spent at the trade show with one of their exhibiting trade show sponsors. Good Luck to all the potential winners!!

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

If you're interested in learning more about issues, tips and tricks regarding the party rental industry or event industry, follow us on Twitterlike us on Facebook or subscribe to our company page on LinkedIn.

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