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How Strong is a 6 Foot Rectangular Wood Folding Table?

We often get asked how strong our tables are. Everyone is scared of getting a table that's not strong enough or that will collapse in a strong breeze. In the past, we've stress tested our plastic folding tables, showing what it takes to break a 6-ft Rectangular Plastic Folding Table, an 8-ft rectangular plastic folding table, and a 60-inch Round plastic folding table. Unfortunately, after stress testing our 8-ft wood folding table, last year's winter got really bad and we had to use our road salt to melt ice instead of breaking wood tables. But winter's back again, we've got a couple of skids of salt, and a desire to stress some tables!

Our first stress test is going to be the 6-ft wood rectangle folding table. Want to know how much salt it takes to break the table? Watch on!

Now that you've seen what it takes to destroy one of our 6-ft Wood Folding Table, why not:


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