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Crystal Wine Glasses vs Glass Wine Glasses For Restaurants

Anyone not in the foodservice and restaurant industry would not understand the need to write a blog post about crystal and glass stemware and glassware – however you and I both know that even something as miniscule as the choice of glass material for your guest’s choice of beverage goes a long way towards enhancing the aesthetics and atmosphere of the restaurant. If you’re reading this blog post though, chances are you’re in the midst of determining what type of crystal and glass wine glasses make the most sense for your establishment. We’ll shed more light below on why choose crystal wine glasses over glass wine glasses and vice versa.

Victoria Crystal

Crystal Wineglasses

  • Traditionally used in upscale fine dining establishments or restaurants less prone to breakage
  • Older crystal wine glasses can have lead in them. Most crystal wine glasses these days are unleaded due to the fact that lead used to leech into the beverage making it hazardous for a person’s health
  • Help to control the temperature of the wine
  • Accentuates the aroma and flavours of the wine
  • Allows light to refract through the glass making them sparkle on the table
  • Light in weight
  • Frailer and therefore more fragile than glass stemware
  • Sometimes hand washable only
  • Average cost is more expensive than glass stemware thus replacement costs are higher

Glass Wineglasses

Glass Wineglasses

  • Traditionally used in more casual dining atmospheres and restaurants where more breakage occurs (i.e. pubs / bars)
  • Doesn’t shine the way crystal does as it is slightly more opaque
  • More affordable than crystal so replacement costs are lower than average
  • More durable than crystal
  • Thicker structure (thicker bowl, rim, foot and stem) generally
  • Dishwasher safe

Restaurants with an extensive wine menu and upscale offerings or restaurants looking to position themselves as a food and wine destination would do best purchasing crystal wine glasses. Fast Casual restaurants, pubs and bars would do best purchasing glass wine glasses enabling them to optimize the durability of the glass.

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