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How Much do Folding Bar Stools cost in Canada?

With spandex covered cruiser tables becoming more popular at events, our rental companies have been looking for seating which compliments the tables. Regular bar stools can be a pain in the butt if they don't stack and can take up a lot of space in both trucks and warehouses. Folding bar stools are an attractive solution to this problem. A light weight folding chair makes load-ins and unloads easy and because they fold down, they occupy less space in both trucks and warehouses. With our spandex linens and cruiser tables growing in popularity month after month, we're often asked "How much do folding bar stools cost in Canada?" Read on for an answer!

Cruiser Table and Folding Bar Chairs

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Cost of Folding Bar Stools

A folding bar stool can range in price from $27.99 to $85.00. This range is quite large, and reflects the different materials that can be used in the folding bar stool. For simpler chairs, with a strong steel frame and a simple back and seat, you're looking at the low end of the range. If you start adding leather padding, or upholstery, you're looking at a pricier chair. Often suppliers of event chairs provide volume discounts that discount the price per chair as the quantity of chairs purchased increases.

Hopefully this post allows you to budget the approximate amount you’re looking to spend on folding bar stools.

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