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ABS Folding Tables vs Plastic Folding Tables

There are a number of different folding tables on the market for hotels, banquet halls, party rental companies and other high-turnover industries where durable tables are not only a must, but a necessity. Today’s blog post will examine two kinds of folding tables that are often mistaken as being the same material – ABS Folding Tables vs Plastic Folding Tables. This post will give an unbiased look at the specifications of the two so that a company can choose what best meets their needs. Read on to learn more:

ABS Folding Tables:

6-ft Rectangular ABS Table

  • 5-year material and manufacturing defect warranty.
  • Made of highly durable ABS plastic which is very structurally sturdy with the ability to stand up well to external impacts
  • Considered the strongest folding table on the market
  • Supports 2000+ lbs
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • ¾” table edge (fits most wood table skirting clips)
  • Table legs fold for easy storage and handling
  • Corners designed to absorb and withstand a drop of 1ft without structural damage to the table or corner
  • Useable Indoors or Outdoors
  • 16 gauge square steel frame
  • PVC edging
  • Gravity lock folding legs
  • Paper honeycomb core
  • Comes in Grey only
  • Expensive upfront cost with long life

Plastic Folding Tables:

6-ft Plastic Folding Table

  • Supports up to 1000 lbs of weight evenly distributed across the table.
  • 2-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects.
  • Light-grey high-density hollow core resin that is reinforced with square steel tubing.
  • Wishbone-style folding legs with a gravity-slide lock for added stability.
  • 17 gauge (1.4mm) steel tubing.
  • Tabletop is 1.8" thick
  • Scratch-resistant glides included
  • Grey powder coated legs
  • Fold Flat Design
  • Highly-durable Materials
  • Usable indoors or outdoors
  • Made in China
  • Cost effective solution

If you’re interested in a quote for ABS Folding Tables or Plastic Folding Tables:


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Happy Canada Day from National Event Supply

Happy Canada Day

On this date in 1867, our great nation of Canada was born. We’re so proud to be a part of this great nation. National Event Supply will be closed today re-opening for business tomorrow Thursday July 2nd at 9AM ET. Happy Canada Day! / Bonne Fete du Canada!

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How strong are heavy duty folding chairs?
Heavy Duty Folding Chair

Heavy duty folding chairs are worth their weight in gold for churches, community centres and schools. They’re comfortable, durable, and stackable when folded and light enough that all age ranges can help with set up and tear down. Normally when an organization or individual is looking to purchase these chairs, their questions often include “how much weight can extra heavy duty folding chairs handle?”

The heavy duty folding chair has been tested in drop test fashion from 6 inches above the chair. It passed a 275lb drop test, higher than the majority of plastic folding chairs on the market. But we wondered if there was another way to test its strength. We have been stress testing our products over the past few years utilizing bags of salt. We just recently completed the Heavy Duty Folding Chair stress test and determined this superstar chair is the definition of a heavy duty chair. Check out the video for yourself below!


If you’re interested in receiving a quote including shipping for our heavy duty folding chairs:


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Where to buy Lifetime Tables in Canada

Over the past few years, National Event Supply has been testing our products to the limit. As some of you will remember we have been loading our tables and chairs up with salt to see just how much weight they will hold before they break. While we continue to do these tests on our own products, we also though it would be valuable for you to see how other products in the market place perform. We started doing this by testing products from an industry leader Lifetime Tables. Lifetime offers a variety of qualities ranging from consumer or residential quality up to what they call professional grade tables. In our case we have been testing their commercial quality tables, a line of tables that we consider to be the most similar to our own in terms of build quality and market positioning. To see how the 6-ft Lifetime Plastic folding table did in our test, you can take a look at our previous blog post here.

If Lifetime Tables are the plastic folding table for you, where can you buy them in Canada? National Event Supply unfortunately does not carry Lifetime tables so you can’t buy yours from us but consider buying from Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon or Costco (if you have a membership). All these major big brand stores offer the commercial quality for purchase in the following sizes:

  • Lifetime 4-ft Rectangle Table
  • Lifetime 4-ft Rectangle Fold in Half Table
  • Lifetime 6-ft Rectangle Table
  • Lifetime 6-ft Rectangle Fold in Half Table
  • Lifetime 6-ft Rectangle Adjustable Height Table
  • Lifetime 8-ft Rectangle Table
  • Lifetime 8-ft Rectangle Fold in Half Table
  • Lifetime 48” Round Table
  • Lifetime 60” Round Table
  • Lifetime 60” Round Fold in Half Table

If you are interested in a larger volume (say 50+), you may want to consider purchasing directly from Lifetime. Lifetime offers free shipping in the United States only but a sales representative can provide you with shipping to your location in Canada.

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our commercial plastic folding tables:

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How Much weight can a Lifetime 8-ft Commercial Plastic Folding Table Hold?

Over the past several years we have been making videos where we stress tables and chairs to the breaking point. We've tested many different tables including our 6-ft NES Reliable Rectangular Plastic Folding Table, 8-ft NES Reliable Rectangular Plastic Folding Table, 60 inch NES Reliable Round Plastic Folding Table, and even the 6-ft Lifetime Commercial Plastic Folding Table. This year we are continuing our tests to help show you the strength of our products as compared to industry leaders like Lifetime Products.

Today we're going to be putting an 8 foot Lifetime Table to the test. Lifetime manufactures and sells tables, chairs, and a host of other products for consumer and commercial use. In our case we are going to test one of their commercial products being the Lifetime 8-foot commercial plastic folding table and comparing it to our NES Reliable 8-foot Rectangular Plastic Folding Table. On paper, the Lifetime Table looks to be the stronger table as it is rated for 2000 pounds of weight evenly distributed across the top, while our NES Reliable 8-foot Rectangular Plastic Folding Table is only rated for 800 pounds. However, in a previous stress test, the NES Reliable 8-foot Rectangular Plastic Folding Table managed to hold over 1890 pounds before failing. How will the Lifetime commercial folding table stack up against our 8-foot commercial plastic folding table? Let's find out!


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