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How strong are heavy duty folding chairs?

Heavy Duty Folding Chair

Heavy duty folding chairs are worth their weight in gold for churches, community centres and schools. They’re comfortable, durable, and stackable when folded and light enough that all age ranges can help with set up and tear down. Normally when an organization or individual is looking to purchase these chairs, their questions often include “how much weight can extra heavy duty folding chairs handle?”

The heavy duty folding chair has been tested in drop test fashion from 6 inches above the chair. It passed a 275lb drop test, higher than the majority of plastic folding chairs on the market. But we wondered if there was another way to test its strength. We have been stress testing our products over the past few years utilizing bags of salt. We just recently completed the Heavy Duty Folding Chair stress test and determined this superstar chair is the definition of a heavy duty chair. Check out the video for yourself below!


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