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How strong is a wood 48 round folding table?

Continuing our strength testing series, we recently released new videos on how strong a 6ft wood rectangle folding table is and how strong a lifetime 8ft folding table is. If you’re new to our stress test videos here’s how they work: we take 44lb / 20kg bags of salt and pile them on top of our folding tables and event chairs and see how strong they are (and how many bags of salt it takes until they collapse). Today’s video showcases the strength of our wood 48 inch round folding tables.

This video was a huge surprise to us. We thought given the other videos we’ve done that this table would break at 700Lbs – we had no idea what it would actually break at and it thoroughly surprised us.

Check it out:

If you’re interested in a quote for our 48inch (4ft) round wood folding tables:

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