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Blog posts from April, 2013

Products in Action: Miller Tavern
Eating at the Miller Inn Finishing off the Tomahawk

We had such a crazy busy week last week, shipping a ton of our Plastic folding tables and chairs, a large number of our 60 inch round wood folding tables, and even a bunch of our Quadrato 5” Square side plates, that we decided to celebrate a little and go out for a nice dinner at the newly renovated Miller Tavern. The Miller Tavern (formerly known as the ‘Jolly’ Miller) has been a customer of National Event Supply for the past 3 years and we heard they had recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation at their flagship location in Hogg’s Hollow on Yonge Street, reopening just this past January.

And we were not disappointed. The décor was very nice and cozy and our meal was fabulous. The waitress was also very good. Our waitress introduced us to the Special for the evening – a 35 ounce Tomahawk Steak with all the fixings. Since there were 3 of us, we thought what the heck, let’s give it a try. The steak was outstanding and to boot, we got to enjoy our meal using some of National Event Supply 18/10 Maria cutlery. As you can see from the picture, there wasn’t much left over after our meal was done. We finished the meal with some very tasty crème brule.

During the latter half of our meal, we realized we haven’t really spoken very much about our 18/10 Maria cutlery. This is one of our best-selling patterns and shows no signs of slowing down. Styled after a very successful Oneida Geneva flatware pattern that is also an 18/10 cutlery line, many of our customers just call us and ask for their ‘Geneva’ pattern flatware. The Oneida Geneva Flatware pattern was discontinued a number of years ago, but many of our customers did not want to discontinue their Geneva Flatware. This has helped us land new sales with Miller Sales and Rentals in New Jersey, Best Party Rentals in Clovis, California and of course as we have already mentioned, The Miller Tavern in Toronto.


If you would like to see how our line of Maria 18/10 flatware/cutlery compares with your existing Oneida Geneva flatware pattern, give us a call (1-800-827-8953) or send us an email and we would pleased to send you samples.

New Chair: Natural Wood Folding Chair

Earlier this spring, we introduced our brand new Mahogany Resin Folding Chair. It’s a gorgeous chair with a removable black vinyl padded seat, and deep reddish brown frame. It commands your attention in a way that our white or black resin folding chairs don’t. But make no mistake, it’s as strong as its white and black counterparts. But the Mahogany Resin Folding Chair was not the only chair that we hoped to introduce this spring.

For some time now, we have been looking for a natural wood coloured resin folding chair. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to create a beautiful looking natural wood colour chair in resin. The colours just don’t look right, and it can end up looking tacky and not up to our demanding standards. But our customers were demanding a Natural Wood Coloured Folding Chair, and so we decided that the only thing to do was to go and find a Natural Wood Folding Chair. It took a little time to find one we liked, but early last winter we found one.

NES Natural Wood Folding Chair

Today, I’m happy to formally announce our New NES Natural Wood Folding Chair. Just like our resin folding chairs, NES Natural Wood Folding Chairs are excellent event chairs, perfect for outdoor weddings of garden parties. With their removable, padded, white seats, NES Natural Wood Folding Chairs will provide a traditional feel to your even whether it is outdoors or indoors.

These outdoor event chairs are much lighter than our heavy-duty resin folding chairs, but they are still a commercial grade chair. The chairs are held together with steel mounting hardware and glue for added strength, and the padded seat features a wood base for added strength.

NES Natural Wood Folding Chairs are a snap to set-up or take down, and fit perfectly on our NES Folding Chair Carts. These chairs are also a breeze to clean—just a quick wipe with a cloth will clean most spills of the clear-coated wood. We’ve currently got these chairs on back-order, with arrival expected for mid-June. We will be initially stocking these chairs in Toronto, and we’ll be introducing them at $27.95/ea.


If you have any questions about our new NES Natural Wood Folding Chairs, or you want some more information about our Mahogany Resin Folding Chairs, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and one of our sales reps will get right back to you!

Favourite Finds: March!

How has everyone’s March been? It looks like we’re finally getting into Spring weather in Toronto after what feels like a very long winter. Here at National Event Supply we’ve been kicking it into high gear bringing in a wider range of wood folding tables, new amuse bouche spoons and forks, launched a new website that added smartphone capabilities, French translations, and easier access for event and party rental planners on the go, celebrated 100 blog posts, and exhibited at 3 tradeshows including the CRFA Show, the 2013 CRA Prairie Regional Trade Show and the 2013 Quebexpo. We’re not the only ones getting ready for summer—it looks like the blogosphere and event publications are also gearing up for the summer months. So let’s check some of the best posts out.

Special Events Magazine polled some of the top furniture rental companies across the United States to learn more about the types of furniture styles that seem to be flying out of rental warehouses today. To learn more, check out the article Top Trends in Event Furniture Rental.

Event Furniture Rental

The CRFA polled 350 professional chefs to identify what’s hot in the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association’s fourth annual Canadian Chef Survey. The full survey results detail the top 10 up and comer menu items for 2013, and the top 10 menu trends consumers will see in restaurants this year. To see the entire results document and view the top 10s, read CFRA’s 2013 Chef Survey Shows Variety is the Trend in Canada’s Restaurants.

Variety is the Trend In Canada's Restaurants

Getting more Facebook likes is definitely something you should be striving for, but getting Facebook shares is even better—because a share means your content is being passed around social networks and creating buzz for your business. Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith, along with Shortstack created an infographic on the 14 ways to boost your content’s visibility and viral sharing on Facebook. Get all the tips by viewing the infographic.

How To Get More Shares published a wonderful article on how even the best corporate strategy can and will fall short of its objectives if management poorly implements operational activities. To learn more about how the battle for competitive advantage can be won in the trenches, not the boardroom, check out the article Achieving a Competitive Edge Through Outstanding Operations.

Achieving a Competitive Edge Through Operations

With hiring new staff members on one of the many responsibilities business owners have, Inc Magazine reminds us of the 3 common red flags on resumes that we should be looking for when reviewing a potential hire. Check out the article to learn what those red flags are—3 Common Red Flags on Resumes.

3 Common Red Flags on Resumes

Don’t you just love all of these articles and ideas? Make sure to let us know if you find an article that resonates with you and we’ll put it in the next month’s round up. Have a great week everyone!

NES Introduces New Plywood Folding Tables

NES Rectangular Wood TablesOver the past few years we have seen increasing success with our NES Wood Folding Tables. As it is with most things, sales started slowly as people initially discovered that we had started stocking plywood folding tables. Sales continued increasing as people took a closer look at our product and discovered that we were selling a quality plywood table. As sales increased, we started getting requests from customers looking for plywood tables in other sizes. Up until recently, we were stocking 3/4" inch plywood folding tables in the following sizes in our Toronto, Vancouver, and Indianapolis warehouses:

  • 4-ft Rectangular Banquet Tables (30 inches wide)
  • 6-ft Rectangular Banquet Tables (30 inches wide)
  • 6-ft Rectangular Banquet Tables (30 inches wide)
  • 48 inch Round Tables
  • 60 inch Round Tables
  • 72 inch Round Tables

Now, just in time for the busy spring season, we are pleased to announce that we have added a wide range of new wood tables to our inventory. Effective immediately, we are proud to offer the following plywood tables to our customers:

  • 8ft x 42 inch Folding Harvest Tables
  • 8ft x 18 inch Folding Training Tables
  • 60 inch Half Moon Folding Tables
  • 5ft Serpentine Tables (5ft inner diameter; 10ft outer diameter)
  • Bar Topper for 5ft Serpentine Tables (15 inches wide)

Just like all of our other plywood folding tables, our new tables feature 3/4 inch plywood that is up to 13 layers thick; grey, powder-coated, wishbone folding legs that are bolted through the tabletop for added durability; support rails bolted through the table top for added strength and PVC vinyl edging. Bull nosed aluminum edging is also available on a special order basis. With the exception of the 8ft Training tables, all items are available in both Vancouver and Toronto. The 8ft Training tables are currently only available in Toronto.

After taking a look at our new tables after they arrived, the new table that we’re most impressed with is our new 8ft x42 inch Folding Plywood Table. In some parts of the country this style of table is called a Harvest Table, but our tables are a durable plywood construction rather than a stressed oak construction. With 8ft Wood Banquet Tables, the 30 inch width can restrict the range of centerpieces that can be placed along the center of the tables by wedding and special event planners. The 42 inch width of our new folding tables allow for bigger centerpieces and makes family-style means more enjoyable. The additional width of the table requires that additional support is added. To that end we’ve boxes the supports on the underside of the table.

In addition to the round and rectangular tables that we are stocking in all three of our warehouses, we also stock bar-height tables in our Toronto warehouse. Otherwise known as cocktail, pedestal, or cruiser tables , these tables feature a ¾ inch plywood top, a long (or short) chrome pole, and a 4-legged pedestal style table base. Currently, we are stocking 24 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inch round tabletops and 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch square tabletops. The tables are available as a package including your choice of tabletop and your choice of chrome pole. In addition, the pieces of the table can be purchased individually to allow you greater flexibility.

If you’d like more information about any of our wood tables, or if you’re interested in receiving a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Freshen up Your Tables and Chairs with National Event Supply

I've written a few blogs about how spring was coming. How it was almost here. How it was time to get ready for spring. Well spring is here. We've had several customers start putting orders in for the tables and chairs to replenish and add to their inventories. We've had new party rental stores purchase White Resin Folding Chairs so that they can compete with existing rental companies who already have these popular chairs. Event Rental companies are looking at our Chiavari Chairs with their new lower pricing and choosing the colours that they think will rent.

Plastic Folding Chair GlidesBut not everything has to be new. If you've invested in our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Chairs, and some of the chair glides have gone missing, give us a call. We've got chair feet in grey, white, black, and tan available in whatever quantity you're interested in for just $0.20/ea. The chair glides are exactly the same chair feet used by our factory on new chairs, and are relatively easy to pop on or off. The chair glides are round, and will work with any chair which has legs that are .75 inches in diameter.

If you've had your NES Reliable White Resin Folding Chairs for a couple of years, the padded seats may have seen better days. If the chair frame is still in good shape, why not just replace the chair pad? At $5.00/ea, it's a relatively inexpensive way to refresh your existing inventory and you can use the money you would have spent on replacement chairs expanding your inventory in other areas. The chair pads come in black and white and are available individually.

Chiavari Chair CushionsOn the Chiavari Chair side of things, we stock fabric and vinyl chair cushions with Velcro ties in black, white, and ivory. If your cushions are looking a little ragged, replacements can be had for $5.00/ea for the fabric cushions and $7.50/ea for the vinyl. Investing in an alternative colour of cushion can provide choices to your customers who are looking at your venue or thinking about renting chairs for their special event.

NES Reliable Round and Rectangular Tables are incredibly strong, but sometimes they need a little love. We have multiple sizes of round table feet available if yours are missing or if they've seen better days. We also have replacement table clips which hold the tables legs when they are folded up. Replacement table feet and table clips are available in whatever quantity you are looking for at a price of $0.35/ea.

Spring is all about renewal. Plants and animals that have been in hibernation or just eking out an existence waiting for the sun to come out and shine down are waking up and getting active. If you have any questions about how you can renew your inventories, or if you are interested in a quote for any of the products that I've listed, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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