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Blog posts from April, 2015

The Best Glass Washers in Canada

Champion Glass Washer

Photo courtesy of: Champion Industries

Anyone working at a foodservice establishment that sells beverages, whether it be a pub, bar, club, quick-service, fast casual or full service restaurant, knows the importance of finding a glass washer that can quickly and sanitarily turn-around all shapes and sizes of bar glasses. Whenever I am in the process of purchasing a product, I’m interested in finding the best for what I’m willing to pay. Because of this, I thought it was worth rounding up the best glass washers available in Canada for foodservice operators.

Check out the companies selling glass washers below:

Champion Industries, Inc.

Champion touts themselves as the dishwashing and glasswashing machine specialists which isn’t hard to see why. They specialize almost exclusively in warewashing machines. They sell a wide range of glass washers including rotary or pass through glass washing machines. Their machines clean and sanitize up to 2000 glasses per hour with clearances of up to 12” for taller stemware. They feature a 3-pump injection system for precise dispensing.


Hobart is a well-known foodservice brand that manufactures foodservice equipment for warewashing, cooking, food preparation and waste treatment. They manufacture four different kinds of glass washers all glass rack models. They can clean and sanitize between 770 – 2160 glasses per hour depending on the model purchased. All can fit under bar or counter and all feature no escaping steam upon opening of the glass washer door. Their larger models allow double racks effectively doubling the capacity. They boast being the first commercial glass washer in the world with active drying technology to remove moisture from the glass.

CMA Dishmachines

CMA Dishmachines is another company that specializes exclusively in glass & warewashing equipment. Their machines can clean and sanitize between 600 to 1000 glasses per hour depending on the machine. They have both rotary (carousel) and glass rack with door models. They have an energy star rated model, and the ability of a pumped drain allowing for flexible installations with no floor drain required.

Fagor (Sold through Hendrix Restaurant Equipment)

Fagor specializes in warewashing, combi ovens and refrigeration. Their undercounter glass washer features capacity for 972 glasses per hour, one year parts warranty, and high temperature sanitation to protect your glasses and have them come out cleaner and dryer than traditional sanitation methods. Their machine also doubles as a dishwasher should you need it to.

Have we missed any glass washers you love? We’re all ears! Tweet us @NatlEventSupply, post on our timeline on Facebook, our page on LinkedIn or Google+.

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Navy Tablecloths Now in Stock

With the exception of our spandex cocktail table covers, we've been stocking all sizes of tablecloths in three colours—white, black and ivory. Our customers have loved the quality of the tablecloths and our wide range of sizes, but they have consistently asked us for more colour options. We talked with numerous customers and the most common colour requested was navy blue tablecloths by a wide margin. I'm pleased to announce that, effective immediately, we now have navy tablecloths in stock.

Navy Blue Tablecloth

You can purchase a navy blue tablecloth in the following sizes:

  • 60 in x 102 in rectangle polyester
  • 60 in x 126 in rectangle polyester
  • 90 in round polyester
  • 108 in round polyester
  • 30 in spandex cocktail table cover
  • 30 in spandex cocktail table topper

Our polyester tablecloths are 180 gsm polyester fabric featuring a surged hem and seamless design. Our spandex table covers are 190 gsm spandex fabric also featuring a surged hem, with reinforced boots to avoid any ripping.

If you’re interested in a quote including shipping for any of the above sizes:


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20 Top Wedding Catering Trends for 2015


Everyone in the catering industry knows the importance of food and beverage at a wedding. It can make or break a guest’s experience and can be one of the highest costs a bride and groom must pay for. Because of this, wedding reception and wedding cocktail reception menus are an extremely important part of a great wedding. Many a bride is eager to impress guests by ensuring the food is on trend with the hot items in the industry.

To help you more efficiently keep up to date on the wedding reception catering trends for this year, we’ve compiled 20 of the top wedding catering trends below.

Beverage Trends:

1. Beer cocktails are quickly rising in popularity. Already gracing restaurant menus, cocktails with beer including margaritas with beer, the Michelada made with beer, lime juice and hot sauce, beer sangria and much more. And speaking of sangria… Source.

2. High-end shareable punches that incorporate a creative blend of ingredients and top-shelf liquor and presented in large apothecary jars or statement bowls offer guests a creative way to have a signature drink at a wedding. Source.

Cocktail Receptions:

3. It’s raining….oysters? Oysters are showing up everywhere during the first hour of cocktail receptions – such as at a raw bar and passed oyster shooters. Source.

4. Hor d’oeuvres with sweet-spicy sauces and condiments are being highlighted. Source.

5. Vegan and vegetarian dishes continue to rise in popularity and based on personal preference, clients are increasingly featuring these dishes during cocktail hours in ways such as falafel bars, hummus and bruschetta stations. Source.

6. If it’s smoked, pickled, fermented, fire-roasted or preserved it’s going to be popular this year with charcuterie, homemade pates and spreads as well as seafood charcuterie playing heavily in the cocktail hour. Source.

7. Action stations are still a smash hit with the wedding crowd. Memorable stations include bruschetta bars accompanied with hand-carved serrano ham and pulled pork action stations. Source.

8. Complementing the above trend, DIY stations have become a key component to wedding menus including a create-your-own-ceviche bar, build-your-own-taco-bars and caviar bars. Source.

9. Champagne bars with sparkling wines, with a variety of unexpected (and expected) garnishes such as herb sprigs, handmade syrups, fresh berries and candied ginger to customize a drink are gaining momentum. Source.

10. Complementing the wedding décor trend of curated vintage or antique dinnerware, curated hors d’oeuvre with mini cocktails or shots have made their way into the cocktail reception trends. Source.


11. Upscale ramen noodles gain popularity as appetizers with caterers substituting whole wheat, soba, cellophane and rice noodles. Source.

12. Anything on a stick. Think about it – no need for guests to hold plates and it makes conversations easier to take place. Try prosciutto-wrapped melon, bite size Caprese salads, or spicy chick satay skewers. Source.


13. Seasonal menus that take advantage of locally grown produce remain popular taking advantage of locally grown produce and natural / organic fare. Source.

14. Environmentally sustainable foods will reign supreme during the dinner portion of a wedding. Source.

15. New cuts of meat (such as braised beef cheeks) and non-traditional fish such as mackerel and whiting will replace the more common cuts as the popular protein options for entrees. Source.

Entrée Sides:

16. Root vegetables shine as sides with celery root, parsnips and kohlrabi gaining speed. Source.

17. Move over quinoa as ancient grains such as spelt, forbidden rice and amaranth replace the much hailed superfood. Source.


18. Homemade savory ice creams and shaved ice desserts gain popularity for the much awaited dessert course. Source.

19. Waffle and crepe stations will provide a creative alternative to DIY sundae stations. Source.

20. And finally – although not a new trend but continuing to rise – food trucks arriving anywhere from an hour before the end of the evening to just before guests depart offer all different kinds of gourmet savoury street fare. Source.

Any additional wedding catering trends you’ve noticed that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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The Best Rotary Irons in Canada for Party Rental Companies

Rotary Iron

Any organization that has to launder and iron textiles such as polyester tablecloths knows the pains a traditional iron can be. When a party rental company receives their tablecloths back from a rental, they can have hundreds to turnaround before another rental. This means traditional irons don’t normally cut it where the time to finish one tablecloth is just too long to efficiently finish the linen. This is where commercial ironing equipment such as a rotary iron comes in. Rotary irons conveniently and easily process larger volumes of laundry regardless of how large a tablecloth may be. Because of this they are a perfect edition to a larger party rental operation that needs to turn around tablecloths at a reasonable speed. But who makes the best rotary irons?

Here are the best rotary irons in Canada for Party Rental Companies.

Continental Girbau Rotary Irons:

Continental Girbau offers a 12.8” and 20.1” roller with the option of either gas heating, electric heating and steam heating. Ironing speeds are from 3ft per minute to 49 feet per minute. The rotary irons can finish tablecloths from 60” to 124” in width. They offer two programmable controls: the Logi control – available on 13” models – provide a simple control over iron variables such as temperature and speed which the Intelli Control – available on 20 inch models – provides complete programmability and energy efficiency. All models also have Continental’s patented AutoSpeed® System which is a programmable control option that automatically modifies speed based on temperature ensuring constant temperatures and highest quality finishing results.

Huebsch Flatwork Ironers / Finishers:

Huebsch offers an 8”, 13” and 20” rolls that include frequency controlled motor, finger guards and safety handles. Speed can be varied from 3ft per minute to 30 feet per minute. There are gas heating, electric heating and steam heating machines available to purchase. Finishing widths range from 55 inches to 126 inches with temperature settings between 176 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unimac Commercial Ironing Equipment:

Unimac offers an 8”, 13” and 20” heater roller with finishing widths that vary from 55 inches to 126 inches. Temperature controls range from 176 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also seven speed settings from 3 to 15 ft per minute to assist in the precise speed for fabric type and moisture content. Stop bars prevent hands from being too close to the machine and an alarm system helps ensure maintenance is consistently given. Electric heating is used to ensure a heated roller.

Are there any rotary irons you’ve used that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

If you’re interested in receiving a quote on our polyester tablecloths:

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6 Tips to Get Started with Social Media for Event Rental Companies

Social Media

If you’re not already on social media, you need to be. Just look at these stats that showcase the opportunity that exists for your business:

  • 80% of businesses indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic.
  • 92% of all businesses indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses.
  • More than half of businesses who’ve been using social media for at least three years report it has helped them improve sales.

Statistics Courtesy of: HubSpot

While mainstream media likes to exaggerate claims that social media is a passing fad, dying etc., the fact of the matter is – it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s changing the very way we do business. It helps your customers find social proof regarding your business. It allows your customers to interact with you in a non-formal, no pressure forum. It helps small businesses gain market intelligence by listening to customer feedback.

But I get it. It can be completely overwhelming with where to start. That’s why I’ve compiled 6 tips for event rental companies to use to get started with social media. These tips should provide you with the formula necessary to begin using one of the most powerful (and free) marketing tools at your disposal.

1. Figure out your business goals for engaging in social media.

Do you want to gain a loyal following or generate traffic and business leads? Or do you want to do both? What you share and how you interact with followers on social media determines your business goals. For example, if you’re interested in generating traffic and business leads, make sure that you’re sharing links that lead back to your own content. However, if you’re interested in gaining a loyal following create contests, giveaways, and share other people’s content that is relevant to your followers.

2. Choose the right social media platform for your business

You want to make sure that you’re choosing the right social media website to post to, to attract and boost your brand and business. Check out this fantastic article by Scott Levy, author of the book Tweet Naked to learn about each of the social media platforms and select the one(s) that offers the best opportunity for reaching your ideal audience. Pinterest, in my opinion, is the perfect social media platform for event rental companies to showcase their special event equipment as well as humbly brag about their extraordinary weddings and special events either planned or rental products provided for.

3. Create an Account

This is the optimal place to include your website, and a little bit about you or your company so potential followers and prospects can get to know your brand or personality. Upload a nice photo of your team in front of your offices and then include a background image that speaks about what your organization does.

4. Start Slow

Because you can either be overwhelmed or not sure how to start posting on social media, it always makes sense to start slow. Once you’ve determined the platforms you’d like to engage on, create social media accounts on those sites and follow a number of people in your industry. Look up your competitors and check out who they follow for ideas. Then, simply sit back and watch/listen to what the people you follow are saying. It’s the best way to become comfortable with a platform. You can actively see how others are engaging on the site and mimic them until comfortable.

5. Learn the platform’s features

Before you go and start posting or replying to someone’s post, learning the different features and how to post, repost / retweet, share links etc., will reduce the anxiety associated with taking the next step into engaging with prospects and customers. To learn the different features of each platform, check out the links below:

6. Create your first post!

I’m sure your question about this tip is what should I post? Do I post my own content or content from another business? The bottom line is you need to do both. Most social media experts, say using the 80-20 rule makes the most sense. Use 80% of other people’s content and 20% of your own. If you want to engage with brides, consider sharing interesting and relevant articles from or about wedding planning. If you’re looking to appeal to the corporate event planner, should have some articles of interest to share. As far as your own content is concerned, write a short post on what tradeshows you’ll be exhibiting at shortly or if you are frequently asked the same question, write a post that answers it.

Hopefully this blog post gives you a good jumping off point to get started in the wide world of social media. If there’s any questions or concerns regarding social media, make sure to ask in the comments! I’d be happy to help however I can. Also – when you’re set up on social media, make sure you follow National Event Supply on Twitter, FacebookGoogle Plus, and LinkedIn.

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