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How much storage space for stackable chairs is needed

Over the past few weeks we have been getting asked a few prospects and customers on what are the dimensions of our stackable chairs are, how big is a stack of our stackable chairs and how much space will they need to store 100 stackable chairs.

To determine your storage requirements there are a few key measurements that are needed to help with any calculation you will need to do.

1. What are the dimensions of a single (1) stackable blow mold chair?

Our blow mold stacking chair is (approximately) 31.75” tall x 17.5” wide x 24.5” deep.

NES Reliable Blow Mold Stacking Chair

2. What happens to these dimensions each time you stack a chair?

Each time a chair is stacked on top of another blow mold stacking chair, it adds 4” to the height. So a stack of 6 chairs would reach a height of about 51.75” (formula: 31.75” + (5 chairs x 4” of additional height). The safest amount that we recommend our blow mold stacking chair to stack is 13 chairs – which would be 79.75” high (31.75” + (12 x 4”)). In addition, the depth needs to be considered. A stack of 13 chairs will cause the depth requirements to increase slightly, resulting in a depth of about 29.9”.

3. And finally, what happens when you pack a bunch of chairs into a storage area?

We need to see how much space would fit 100 blow mold stacking chairs, if we put 4 stacks (stacked 2 x 2) of 13 stacking chairs (52 chairs total) takes up a space that was about 3ft wide x 5ft deep x 6.6ft high.

In order to store 100 chairs, we would need 6 stacks of 13 chairs and 2 stacks of 11 chairs. The storage space footprint was 3ft wide x 10ft deep x 6.6ft high.

4. In the event you need to increase/optimize the number of blow mold stacking chairs you store in a confined area, it is possible to place the top blow mold stacking chair upside down.

Doing so would result in the stack of chairs growing by an additional 1 inch in height and 2.75 inches in depth (due to the angle the back of the seat is inclined at).

If you have any other questions or are interested in a quote of blow mold stackable chairs:


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Happy Canada Day from National Event Supply

Happy Canada Day

On this date in 1867, our great nation of Canada was born. We’re so proud to be a part of this great nation. National Event Supply will be closed today re-opening for business tomorrow Thursday July 2nd at 9AM ET. Happy Canada Day! / Bonne Fete du Canada!

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How strong is a 6 foot fold in half table?

6-ft Rectangle Plastic Fold in Half table

6 foot fold in half tables are the perfect addition to an event rental company’s inventory. Not only are they more compact to store but they’re perfect to rent to condo and apartment customers. No need to lug 6ft and 8ft plastic folding tables through back hallways to their freight elevator.

We are in the practice of stress testing all our folding tables to ensure they’re strong and durable for our customers. The video below showcases our stress test on our 6 foot fold in half table. How we test the strength of the table is by piling 44lb bags of salt on the table to see at what point the table breaks. Check out how the fold in half table did.


If you’re interested in a quote of our 6ft fold in half table including shipping:

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Rectangle Banquet Tables vs. Round Banquet Tables: Which Holds More People?

Readers who follow our blog know that we often have blog posts answering reader and customer questions. Today’s post is based on a question that has been asked in our website search bar more than 20 times in the past 3 months. The question is “how many less people can you seat using round tables versus using rectangular tables”.

Anyone in the events industry knows that it’s all about head counts. The more people you can fit at a table and the more tables you can fit in a room, the more money to be made. Below we’ve put together an easy to reference table of Round Banquet Tables and Rectangle Banquet Tables including their measurements and how many people they seat.

Round Banquet Tables

Banquet Table DescriptionTable Measurements# of People Seated
48 In (4ft) Round Wood or Plastic Plastic: 48" Diameter x 29 1/4" High
Wood: 48" Diameter x 29 7/8" High
60 Inch (5ft) Round Wood or Plastic Plastic: 60” diameter x 29 1/2” high
Wood: 60” diameter x 29 7/8” high
66 Inch (5.5ft) Round Wood 66” diameter x 29 7/8” high 6-8
71 Inch (5ft 11”) Round Plastic 71” diameter x 29 1/4” high 8-10
72 Inch (6ft) Round Wood 72” diameter x 29 7/8” high 8-10


Rectangle Banquet Tables

Banquet Table DescriptionTable Measurements# of People Seated
4ft Rectangle Wood or Plastic Wood: 48” long x 30” wide x 29 7/8” high
Plastic: 48” long x 24” wide x 29 1/4” high
5ft Rectangle Plastic 60” long x 30” wide x 29 1/4” high 4-5
6ft Rectangle Wood or Plastic Wood: 72” long x 30” wide x 29 7/8” high
Plastic: 72” long x 30” wide x 29 1/4” high
8ft Rectangle Wood or Plastic Wood: 96” long x 30” wide x 29 7/8”
Plastic: 96” long x 30” wide x 29 1/4”
8ft Rectangle Wood Harvest 8ft long x 42” wide x 29 7/8” high 8-10


Hopefully this post helps you to understand the capacity between a rectangle versus a round banquet table.

If you’re interested in being alerted to more articles like this related to the events and hospitality industry, follow us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn or Google+.

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Where to buy Lifetime Tables in Canada

Over the past few years, National Event Supply has been testing our products to the limit. As some of you will remember we have been loading our tables and chairs up with salt to see just how much weight they will hold before they break. While we continue to do these tests on our own products, we also though it would be valuable for you to see how other products in the market place perform. We started doing this by testing products from an industry leader Lifetime Tables. Lifetime offers a variety of qualities ranging from consumer or residential quality up to what they call professional grade tables. In our case we have been testing their commercial quality tables, a line of tables that we consider to be the most similar to our own in terms of build quality and market positioning. To see how the 6-ft Lifetime Plastic folding table did in our test, you can take a look at our previous blog post here.

If Lifetime Tables are the plastic folding table for you, where can you buy them in Canada? National Event Supply unfortunately does not carry Lifetime tables so you can’t buy yours from us but consider buying from Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon or Costco (if you have a membership). All these major big brand stores offer the commercial quality for purchase in the following sizes:

  • Lifetime 4-ft Rectangle Table
  • Lifetime 4-ft Rectangle Fold in Half Table
  • Lifetime 6-ft Rectangle Table
  • Lifetime 6-ft Rectangle Fold in Half Table
  • Lifetime 6-ft Rectangle Adjustable Height Table
  • Lifetime 8-ft Rectangle Table
  • Lifetime 8-ft Rectangle Fold in Half Table
  • Lifetime 48” Round Table
  • Lifetime 60” Round Table
  • Lifetime 60” Round Fold in Half Table

If you are interested in a larger volume (say 50+), you may want to consider purchasing directly from Lifetime. Lifetime offers free shipping in the United States only but a sales representative can provide you with shipping to your location in Canada.

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our commercial plastic folding tables:

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