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Blog posts from May, 2013

How many people fit at a banquet table? Seating Capacities explained
Wood Round Table Open

Since the introduction of our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Tables more than 5 years ago, we often get asked about the seating capacity of the different tables that we offer. Seating capacity is crucial for customers looking to do events, especially when they have promised to have a specific seating capacity at the event. To help you plan for your upcoming events I want to give you a breakdown of the seating capacity of the NES table line up. Instead of simply providing you with one seating capacity however, I will provide you with a small range for our tables. I am providing this range because people sit at tables for different reasons. As a result if you are planning on eating a meal at the table you will need more space than if you are just having coffee. When you are having a meal you will of course need more space for each person which results in a lower seating capacity. Keep in mind that these are general guidelines and your requirements may be different depending on the type of chair used, the size of the dinnerware, and the comfort level you expect for each individual.


Table SizeCapacityTable SizeCapacity
36 inch Round 3-4 4ft x 24 inches 4-6
48 inch Round 4-6 4ft x 30 inches 4-6
60 inch Round 8-10 5ft x 30 inches 4-6
72 inch Round 10-12 6ft x 30 inches 6-8
3ft Square 4 8ft x 30 inches 8-10
5ft Square 8 8ft x 42 inches 8-10

If you have any questions about the seating capacity of a National Event Supply table please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I Pick Up My Order at your Vancouver Warehouse?

National Event Supply has been selling Wood Folding Tables, Plastic Folding Tables, Plastic Folding Chairs, and Resin Folding Chairs out of Vancouver, B.C. for almost a year now. From the very beginning we have been asked if it is possible to pick up an order at our warehouse in Delta, British Columbia. If the product is in stock at the warehouse, you can absolutely go pick up but here are some things you need to know first.

1. National Event Supply has partnered with Locher Evers International for our warehousing needs in Vancouver. Since it is not a National Event Supply operated warehouse, it is not possible for you to go to the warehouse to look at and to purchase products that you may be interested in. All orders must be placed with a National Event Supply representative at least 24 hours prior to pick up. In addition, Locher Evers is only open for pick-ups Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm. To contact a representative or to simply ask us a question, please click here

2. National Event Supply unfortunately does not stock all of our product lines in Delta, B.C. at this time. We do however stock a wide variety of the Tables and Chairs that you see on our website and in our catalogue. If you are interested in a product, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it. Even if it is not available in Vancouver, National Event Supply ships from Coast to Coast in North America on a regular basis. As a result we receive aggressive rates from our shipping partners which we are able to pass on to you. Also stay tuned to our blog to find out what new products are available in Vancouver!

3. When you pick up from the Locher Evers International Warehouse, here is where you should go for your order:

Locher Evers Delta

4. Additionally remember to say who you are/what company you are with, as well as what company you have purchased the product from (in your case National Event Supply). It also helps if you have a copy of your invoice or packing slip. The Locher Evers International facility houses products from many companies, as a result they will need these details to ensure the right product is released to the right person.

How Strong is a 8 Foot Folding Table?

Bag of QuestionsWe've done a number of stress tests on our plastic tables and our plastic folding chairs, but we have not yet done any stress test videos for our wood folding tables. We're correcting that oversight today with a stress test video featuring our 8-ft Rectangular Wood Folding Table. Our last video was all about how strong our 8-ft NES Reliable Rectangular Plastic Folding Table truly is. 8-ft Rectangular Folding tables are a staple for our rental customers and for our banquet hall owners, so it's incredibly important that the tables that we sell are durable so they can take a beating and still be useable the next day. NES Wood Folding Tables are commercial grade wood folding tables, and, as you can see from the video, are capable of holding an incredible amount of weight!

Now that you've seen what it takes to destroy one of our 8-ft NES Wood Folding Tables, I hope that if you have any questions about them, you'll contact one of our fantastic sales reps. They'd also be happy to put together a quote including shipping if you're interested in adding these tables to your inventory.

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /

6 New Pieces of Porcelain

Spring shipments continue to arrive at National Event Supply. Recently we took delivery of a container of porcelain from our factory. In addition to the Quadrato Dessert Plates, the 10 inch and 12 inch Risotto Bowls, and several sizes of rectangular platters, we took delivery of 6 new pieces of porcelain that we’ve been eagerly awaiting since January of this year.

H3951 Hotelier Sugar Bowl with Lid H3950-Hotelier Creamer
H3951 Hotelier Sugar Bowl with Lid H3950 Hotelier Creamer

The last time we ordered porcelain, we added coffee mugs, espresso cups, and cappuccino bowls to our Hotelier line. It was only after we took delivery of the new coffee stuff that we realised that if we’re going to carry coffee and tea things, then maybe we should also carry sugar bowls and creamers. With this shipment, we’ve rectified our oversight and have added a 10oz Creamer and an 8oz Sugar Bowl with lid. As you can see below, both items match the styling and colour of our Hotelier line and would be perfect for use in restaurants or at events with family style dining. Both the Hotelier Creamer (SKU: H3950) and the Hotelier Sugar Bowl with Lid (SKU: H3951) are introductorily priced at $6.95/ea.

A1220-Quad Divided Bowl A1229 Trio Plate
A1220 Quad Divided Bowl A1229 Trio Plate

We’ve been selling our Trio Bowl (SKU: A1330) for over three years now and have caterers and rental customers rave over the design. We’ve also been asked if we could get bowls with four slightly larger compartments, and for small porcelain platters with divisions. It’s taken a little while, but we've finally received porcelain pieces that will meet our customers needs. The first item is our new Quad Divided Bowl (SKU: A1220). It features 4 individual sections, each of which holds 4oz. The other new multi-segment item is our new Trio Platter (SKU: A1229). It is a three section platter, each of which is 3.5 inches square. We are happy to introduce the Quad Divided Bowl at the price of $11.75/ea and the Trio Platter at $6.50/ea.

A0319 Porcelain Tasting Spoon A1164 Wide Rim Bowl
A0319 Porcelain Tasting Spoon A1164 Wide Rim Bowl

The last two new items that we're introducing today are our new Porcelain Tasting Spoon (SKU: A0319) and our new Wide Rim Bowl (SKU: 1164). The new porcelain tasting spoon is designed for individual appetizers or amuse bouche. They are just big enough to hold a bite-sized morsel of goodness, and they're intriguing shape will undoubtedly make the an item that your customers will talk about. The Wide Rim Bowl is perfect for serving chips with some sort of dip at a table, or a small appetizer. It holds 6oz, and is 11.25 inches wide. We will be introducing the Porcelain Tasting Spoon to the market for $0.60/ea and the Wide Rim Bowl for $9.95/ea.

While we won't be getting anymore porcelain this spring, we hope to be adding new products later this summer. To keep up with our new products, why not join our mailing list. If you're interested in any of our new porcelain pieces, why not ask one of our sales reps for a free quote?

Favourite Finds: April 2013

April has been a month of highs and lows—with April Fools bringing everyone a little laughter and the horrendous disaster in Boston reminding us to hug our loved ones a little tighter. Here’s hoping we see some May flowers ahead! Here at National Event Supply we brought in a new variation of our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Chair—a Black on Grey combination. We also brought in more stock of our White Resin Folding Chairs, a staple for spring and summer events as well as introduced a new NES Natural Wood Folding Chair—just like our white resin folding chairs in style. We’ve been ramping up our stock for the busy season and the industry seems to have been doing the same! Here’s the round up of the best articles from around the blogosphere.

This may seem counterintuitive but Inc Magazine wrote an article on doing more business with fewer salespeople. Their reasoning? There are few really good salespeople, and most people hate to sell. To read more about their reasoning and how to make your sales department suck less read the article here.

More Sales-Fewer Salespeople

With event budgets finally making a comeback, Special Events Magazine talked with four event planners providing entertainment for events to hear the top trends in event entertainment. To learn more about the hits and flops and how the improving US economy is leading to bigger and better budgets, read the article here.

Event Budgets Making a Comeback

With ordering tap water at full service restaurants up 8% since 2007, innovating against the beverage portfolio to attract customers in the hyper-competitive Canadian market could mean the difference between sinking and swimming. To learn more about some of the beverage options getting the most attention and additional opportunities to grow your restaurant read the article here.

Beverage Options

Finding marketing tactics that you can employ in the next 24 hours to improve your marketing for the long haul is no easy task. Most campaigns take time to build, test and measure. Hubspot did all the hard work for us – bringing best in class experts for their input and expertise that you can employ within a workday to help attract, convert, engage and delight more prospects, leads and customers. To learn more (and really who wouldn’t want to learn more?!) check out the blog post.

Improve Your Marketing Today

Pinterest has become a pivotal and important source of inspiration for more occupations than I can name in one blog post. Event managers / planners and party rental companies are no exception to this. Event Manager blog compiled the 20+ must follow Pinterest boards for event professionals highlighting trends, technology, social media, event décor, speaker selection, food trends and more. Check out the blog post and boards for more inspiration.

Inspiration from Pinterest

With the nicer weather upon us, business is sure to pick up for the whole industry as a whole. Until next month’s edition, feel free to request a quote of our new NES Natural Wood Folding Chairs perfect for those upcoming outdoor festivities.