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How many people fit at a banquet table? Seating Capacities explained

Wood Round Table Open

Since the introduction of our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Tables more than 5 years ago, we often get asked about the seating capacity of the different tables that we offer. Seating capacity is crucial for customers looking to do events, especially when they have promised to have a specific seating capacity at the event. To help you plan for your upcoming events I want to give you a breakdown of the seating capacity of the NES table line up. Instead of simply providing you with one seating capacity however, I will provide you with a small range for our tables. I am providing this range because people sit at tables for different reasons. As a result if you are planning on eating a meal at the table you will need more space than if you are just having coffee. When you are having a meal you will of course need more space for each person which results in a lower seating capacity. Keep in mind that these are general guidelines and your requirements may be different depending on the type of chair used, the size of the dinnerware, and the comfort level you expect for each individual.


Table SizeCapacityTable SizeCapacity
36 inch Round 3-4 4ft x 24 inches 4-6
48 inch Round 4-6 4ft x 30 inches 4-6
60 inch Round 8-10 5ft x 30 inches 4-6
72 inch Round 10-12 6ft x 30 inches 6-8
3ft Square 4 8ft x 30 inches 8-10
5ft Square 8 8ft x 42 inches 8-10

If you have any questions about the seating capacity of a National Event Supply table please don’t hesitate to contact us.