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Blog posts from February, 2014

We’re crazy for Tradeshows this weekend!

Tradeshows are ComingWe had a nice little break after exhibiting at The Rental Show, but now we're approaching our the busiest part of our trade show season. This weekend, the National Event Supply trade show team will be splitting up with our President heading to Moncton, NB and the rest of the team heading to downtown Toronto, ON.

In Moncton, NB we will be exhibiting at the Canadian Rental Association's Atlantic Small Tool & Equipment Show on Saturday March 1st, 2014 from 10AM – 4PM at Casino New Brunswick. Party rental companies in the Maritimes can expect to see the following items at the show:

New in our inventory, and at the show for your viewing pleasure, is our new line of polyester and spandex linens. We sent a postcard to all party rental companies around Moncton in our database. Make sure you bring that postcard to the booth with you to receive a free tall plastic folding cocktail table just for stopping by! As for our show special, we are pleased to inform show attendees that we will be extending our special American Rental Association Rental Show pricing to them if they order and receive delivery by end of March.

In Toronto, we will be exhibiting at the Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice Association Show from Sunday March 2nd until Tuesday March 4th at the Direct Energy Centre – Exhibition Place. Restaurants and caterers attending the show can expect to see the following items:

New in our inventory and at the show for the viewing pleasure of all restaurants in attendance is our new line of NES Reliable Commercial Patio Heaters. Available in bronze or charcoal gray, these heaters are on show special with $100 off the list price. Our additional show special includes 10% off our entire lineup of tabletop items.

We look forward to seeing the Party Rental Companies of the Maritimes and the Restaurants/Caterers across Canada at both shows!

If you’re interested in learning more about our dinnerware collections, download our Tabletop Catalogue.

What to Do When the Top Layer of a Wood Table is Cracked and Peeling

june-22-wood-TOne of the fantastic things about wood folding tables is the ability to refurbish the top layer should there be any issues after the continual wear and tear of renting them out. We have been asked on occasion what to do when the top layer of a wood table is cracked and peeling. This blog post will give you two suggestions of potential solutions to this question.

The first thing I would suggest you do is check the thickness of your wood table and the depth of your cracks. Ensuring you have at least 1/2 inch + of thickness with your table will protect you from the tabletop being unable to support weight when in use.

Suggestion 1:

If you plan to use the wood table without table linens or the tables are too thin, unfortunately you should start thinking about table replacement instead of repair.

Suggestion 2:

If you plan to use the wood table with table linens and have at least 1/2 inch + of thickness available you can refinish the table to get rid of the cracks / peeling. To do this I would recommend the following steps:

  1. Remove tabletop from table legs and use saw horses to prop the tabletop up.
  2. Using a paint scraper, scrape all the peeling areas free of the excess varnish.
  3. Examine the cracks and determine if they’re shallow enough to sand out or if they need to be filled with a wood filler.
  4. If the cracks need to be filled, get a wood filler that doesn’t shrink after drying and overfill the cracks to ensure the crack is completely filled.
  5. Using a handheld or electric sander, start with a coarse grained sandpaper (120 grit) moving to 150 grit and 180 grit for the smoothest finish. You want to be sanding just enough with each to remove the scratches of the previous grit. The reason for moving from a coarser grit to a smoother grit is the coarser sand paper will make it easier to cut through and remove problem areas (such as cracks and peeling) while the smoother grit finishes off the wood to a smooth finish.
  6. Once the wood table top has been sanded to your satisfaction, finish off the table top with a clear varnish to protect the wood, reattach the table legs and you’re good to go!

If you’re interested in learning more about our wood tables, download our Tables & Chairs catalogue.

Announcing a New Way to Do Business with Us

National Event Supply is excited to announce a new way to shop for your event and party rental equipment needs. All our products are now available on with clean, clear photos, specifications and the new ability to purchase product online (including shipping) - via Visa or MasterCard.

Alternatively, should you wish to purchase products utilizing a purchase order, or you like receiving the personal touch from one of our customer service representatives, we're happy to accept calls at 1-800-827-8953, emails at or contact us via our website.

We're just trying to make it easier to do business with us! If there’s any feedback you’d like to provide us, we would be happy to hear how to make your experience with us better. Please feel free to contact us using the button below and provide us your feedback.


Why National Event Supply Doesn’t Sell Dinnerware Sets

Polar White Dinner PlateThere are a number of party rental and event rental equipment suppliers as well as restaurant supply stores that sell dinnerware sets to party rental companies. It appears that so many suppliers sell dinnerware in terms of "sets" that party rental companies as well as restaurants have been conditioned to expect to be sold dishes that way. When we were recently exhibiting at the 2014 Rental Show in Orlando – we got asked numerous times how much each dinnerware line cost per set. In return, our answer was always "we don't sell dinnerware sets." I admit there were some potential customers that looked at us like we had a second head – until we explained why.

We don’t sell dinnerware sets for the simple reason that our customers don’t have the need to buy sets of items repeatedly. To put it in a simpler context, let’s look at this scenario:

If ACME Party Rental were to buy a 16 piece set (4 piece place setting for 4 people) and rented it out to an intimate event which broke 4 of the 16 pieces – ACME would be in a bind. They would either need to 1) mix and match pieces from their inventory to supplement the broken pieces or 2) buy an entirely new set from us.

Option 1 – mixing and matching pieces from their inventory to supplement the broken pieces works sometimes. But businesses with picky customers wanting a specific look know that option 1 doesn’t always fly.

Option 2 – buying an entirely new set works as well but then you have twice as many of some items and only 1 of the broken pieces. It also can be an annoyance to budget conscious customers who don’t want to pay for a set of 16 if they only need 4 pieces – which is totally understandable.

In party rental and in restaurants it makes much more sense for their businesses to be able to buy only the items they require. Because of this and because we’d rather not bundle sets and create a bad experience for customers, we only sell individual pieces.

For information on our different lines of dinnerware, why not download our Tabletop Catalogue.

How many drinks can Fill n Chill tables hold?

Not all of you might be aware that we are the Canadian Distributor for Chillin’ Products, Inc. Chillin’ Products produces the Fill n Chill® Party Table designed to hold ice and keep food and beverages cold. One of the questions we often get asked is: How many drinks can fill n chill tables hold? It’s a great question and because we’re in the habit of answering customer questions on our blog we’ve got the answer for you...

Fill n Chill Party Table Full

But in all seriousness – a Fill n Chill party table can hold between 156 – 192 cans or between 13 – 16 cases of 12. Hopefully this helps you plan out your future drink minimums for your next event!

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a Fill n Chill table for your next indoor or outdoor event, contact us for more information.