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Can a folding table hold 800 pounds?

6ft Fold in Half Table with Weight

We got asked a question that is asked a lot of us (and not a surprising question given our clientele) – can a folding table hold 800 pounds. The short answer is yes, a folding table can hold 800 pounds. The long answer is that yes, a folding table can hold 800 pounds but it depends on the size of table, the manufacturer of the table and oftentimes – the cost of the table. Unfortunately something as seemingly simple as a folding table doesn’t mean all folding tables are the same.

The reason I say it depends on the size of the table is because an 8ft rectangle table has a larger surface area and a more vulnerable middle section that is less supported than a 4ft rectangle table for example.

The manufacturer of the table matters because if a supplier is speccing down the folding table to cost less money (because their market demands it or they want to make more profit margin) this could equate to a lower quality table. Rental Companies generally don’t like to buy folding tables from a big box store like Canadian Tire or Walmart for example as the folding tables from those suppliers are often made for residential, light use – instead of commercial, heavy duty use.

The cost of the table often dictates whether a supplier has specced down the folding table or buying from a lower cost manufacturer that uses thinner steel for the legs, recycled (breakable) plastic for the top, chipboard with wood veneer instead of solid wood for the top etc. When part of your livelihood depends on whether you are renting out a good quality product (and that the product lasts for many rentals allowing you a higher return on your initial investment) it makes sense to take into account that the product you buy is a solid product that can hold a lot of weight.

Here are the folding tables that we sell that can hold 800 lbs:

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our folding tables that can hold 800lbs or more:


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How to put on a chiavari chair cushion cover after washing

Party Rental Companies and Banquet Halls often buy more than one colour of fabric chiavari chair cushion so that their customers have different options for their events. What is so great about chiavari chair cushions is the ability for companies to take them off the foam cushion and clean the exterior cover. We’ve heard from some customers that while taking off the cover can be easy, putting the cover back on the cushion is a whole other story. Here’s how to put on a chiavari chair cushion cover after washing/cleaning it.

1. Take foam cushion out of the fabric chiavari cushion cover

foam cushion from fabric chiavari cushion

2. Put fabric chiavari chair cushion covers in the washing machine 


3. Wrap foam cushion in plastic wrap 


4. Put Chiavari Chair Cushion cover in the dryer

5. Insert foam cushion into dry chiavari chair cushion cover

fabric chiavari cushion with foam insert

Where the plastic wrap really shines is after the cushion is in the cover. It is much, much easier to adjust the cover so that the seams and sides line up where they’re supposed to than on a plain foam cushion. The foam grabs the fabric too much without the aid of the plastic wrap.

Do you do something differently to easily put the cushions back in? Share with us by tweeting us @NatlEventSupply, post on our timeline on Facebook, our page on LinkedIn or Google

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How strong is a Lifetime 6ft fold in half table?

Everyone wants to make sure that the products they buy are good quality products and because of that the stress test series was born. It has become one of our most popular blog series as it showcases how strong the products we sell are.

Continuing on with our stress testing series, we have a new video for you today. Because of how well-known Lifetime Products brand is, we often get asked how our tables compare to them. Last week, we showcased our 6ft fold in half table by stress testing the table using 44lb bags of salt until the table broke. This week’s post shows a video of us testing the lifetime 6 foot fold in half table to see how strong a lifetime fold in half table is. Check it out below!

Have you tested your lifetime fold in half table? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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How strong is a 6 foot fold in half table?

6-ft Rectangle Plastic Fold in Half table

6 foot fold in half tables are the perfect addition to an event rental company’s inventory. Not only are they more compact to store but they’re perfect to rent to condo and apartment customers. No need to lug 6ft and 8ft plastic folding tables through back hallways to their freight elevator.

We are in the practice of stress testing all our folding tables to ensure they’re strong and durable for our customers. The video below showcases our stress test on our 6 foot fold in half table. How we test the strength of the table is by piling 44lb bags of salt on the table to see at what point the table breaks. Check out how the fold in half table did.


If you’re interested in a quote of our 6ft fold in half table including shipping:

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How strong is a 60 inch round folding table?

For those unfamiliar with our stress test series, we work in an industry that’s in a race to the lowest price possible. When the owners initially bought National Event Supply that was the original strategy taken – however, it became increasingly clear that in order to have the lowest price possible, products have to be specked down in. As a company, we want to be proud of the products we sell and so we decided to focus on quality products at a good price for their value instead of on price itself. But in an industry filled with products that look like our products, but don’t perform like our products how could we show people how strong and durable our products really were? Enter the stress test series.

In the past, we’ve tested a number of our plastic and wood banquet tables including our 60 inch round resin folding table. Because we stock both wood and plastic banquet tables, our most recent stress test is on its wood counterpart – our wood 60 inch round folding table. Take a look below at the results of this stress test video!

If you’re interested in a quote for our 60 inch round resin or wood folding table including shipping to your location:

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