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How strong is a 60 inch round folding table?

For those unfamiliar with our stress test series, we work in an industry that’s in a race to the lowest price possible. When the owners initially bought National Event Supply that was the original strategy taken – however, it became increasingly clear that in order to have the lowest price possible, products have to be specked down in. As a company, we want to be proud of the products we sell and so we decided to focus on quality products at a good price for their value instead of on price itself. But in an industry filled with products that look like our products, but don’t perform like our products how could we show people how strong and durable our products really were? Enter the stress test series.

In the past, we’ve tested a number of our plastic and wood banquet tables including our 60 inch round resin folding table. Because we stock both wood and plastic banquet tables, our most recent stress test is on its wood counterpart – our wood 60 inch round folding table. Take a look below at the results of this stress test video!

If you’re interested in a quote for our 60 inch round resin or wood folding table including shipping to your location:

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