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Blog posts from May, 2016

How many chiavari chairs can you put around a 72 inch round table

Chiavari chairs are one of the best event chairs you can purchase because they have a relatively small footprint. Because each chiavari chair has a small footprint it allows for more chairs to fit around a table and more tables and chairs to fit in the event room = more revenue for the event venue and/or party rental company.

resin chiavari chair measures 16 inches in width by 16 inches in depth while a wood chiavari chair measures 15 ½ inches in width by 15 ½ inches in depth.

To comfortably seat people around a 72 inch round table, 9 chiavari chairs fit around it.

71 Inch table with 9 Chairs

If you’re looking to maximize the space and the venue (and don’t care if guests have to straddle table legs – in the case of a plastic folding table), 10-11 chiavari chairs fit around a 72 inch round table.

71 Inch table with 10 Chairs

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New Banquet Chair Dolly Now in Stock

For over a year we’ve had a two wheel hand truck for stacking chairs and banquet chairs in stock. This was a good solution for many organizations as it allowed them to pick the kind of wheel they bought – customizing the cart based on whether they were planning to use the cart on grass, on pavement or both.

It isn’t a traditional banquet chair dolly and there are some that prefer the banquet chair dollies with protective carpet to help protect the banquet chair frames.

I’m pleased to announce we now have banquet chair dollies in our Mississauga warehouse with protective carpeting.

Banquet Chair Dolly

The stacking chair cart measures 49.25" H x 28.25" W x 25.5" D and allows for the easy and efficient transport of banquet chairs and other stacking chairs. It features a plush carpeted back and cart bottom to protect the banquet chair frames. It has an assembled weight of 20.2 lbs, allows stacks of up to 8 chairs to go through a standard door and has sturdy wheels for easy maneuvering.

If you’re interested in a quote for our new banquet chair dolly including shipping:

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New Copa Stemmed Water Glass Now in Stock

We have had stemmed water glasses in our Eclisse glassware line for a while now. We also have two crystal water glasses – the Serenity 14oz crystal water glass and the Victoria 10oz crystal old fashioned glass (which can double as a water glass). There’s always a demand for more stemmed water glasses though – it’s one of the most used glasses in an entire restaurant/banquet hall/golf club and one of the most rented glassware items out there.

I’m pleased to announce our new Copa 10oz Stemmed Water Glass – now in stock at our Mississauga Warehouse.

Copa Stemmed Water Glass

The Copa Glassware Collection provides classic teardrop wine glasses and a stemmed water glass for events of all sizes. The two stemmed wine glasses give you the option of providing guests with a larger red wine glass and a smaller white wine glass. The stemmed water glass allows a generous serving of water or even soft drinks.

Additional Details:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sturdy barrels and stems
  • Machine made for Quality and Consistency
  • Rounded Rim
  • Made in China
  • 10 oz volume

For a quote including shipping to your location of our new stemmed water glass:


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New Sizes of Spun Polyester Tablecloths in Stock

Last year we introduced square spun polyester tablecloths to our inventory. Spun polyester has a higher thread count then our regular polyester tablecloths – making it thicker and more luxurious. The square spun polyester tablecloths are often used as table overlays so that banquet halls and event venues can use regular (less expensive) polyester linens on the tables with square overlays that are more expensive overtop. We heard from our customer’s that there was also a need for spun polyester in rounds and rectangles. I’m pleased to announce that we now have the following sizes in stock and available in our Mississauga warehouse:

Spun Polyester Tablecloths

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our new spun polyester tablecloth sizes including shipping:

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Where to Buy Custom Size Wood Folding Table

Custom Size Wood Folding Table

We have been noticing more and more custom size wood folding table requests in the past year. Banquet Halls, Rental companies and hotels are looking for wood folding tables that specifically fit their space or usage requirements.

We’ve had requests for 5ft square wood folding tables, 10ft wood folding tables, 3ft x 8ft wood folding tables, 8ft round wood folding tables and much more.

We’ve been able to work with our wood table manufacturer to meet orders for 36” x 8ft wood folding tables and 8ft round wood folding tables. We can’t guarantee that our wood table manufacturer can make all custom size wood folding tables but we’re certainly willing to help you out and see what can realistically be manufactured. If a table gets too big (for example) the manufacturer may need to make it a fold in half table to make it easier to transport and store.

If you’re interested in a custom size wood folding table

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