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Blog posts from November, 2014

How much are crystal champagne flutes in Canada?

Serenity Crystal Champagne FluteCrystal champagne flutes add to a restaurant's or event's aesthetics. They exude luxury and contribute to the look of the venue as well as the atmosphere. Having sold thousands of crystal stemware including crystal champagne flutes to party rental companies and restaurants across Canada, we understand the need to budget for crystal champagne flutes, especially for industries with such high turnover of the crystal stemware. We've answered the important question – how much are crystal champagne flutes in Canada – to provide an easy to reference guide for estimating costs as well as providing you with a benchmark when looking at a new supplier.

Cost of crystal champagne flutes

Crystal champagne flutes can be found almost everywhere as a number of retailers sell them – however – for the purpose of this post we will be looking at commercial retailers who sell to businesses only. These commercial retailers tend to feature less mark-ups than a traditional consumer retailer. In commercial establishments, champagne flutes in crystal range in price from $2.85 to $35.24. The range in cost is dependent on whether it’s man-made or machine made champagne flutes (man-made are more expensive), the volume of champagne the glass can handle (larger volume has a higher cost), whether it’s sold direct from the manufacturer and brand name.

Hopefully this guide will help you determine the approximate cost you’re willing to pay for your party rental company or restaurant.

If you're interested in learning more about our crystal champagne glasses or obtaining a quote including shipping:

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Spandex Table Covers vs. Polyester Tablecloths for Events (Pros/Cons)

Event tablecloths help provide a great background to the décor of a special day. They provide a sophistication and help finish off the room. When a party rental company is looking to get into tablecloth rentals, understanding the pros and cons of spandex table covers vs polyester tablecloths helps ensure the company is prepared for what they're getting themselves into.

Spandex Table Covers vs Polyester Tablecloths

Spandex Table Covers:

  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Most often used for modern cocktail receptions and buffet lines
  • Easy to put on
  • Leg pockets can rip if not properly secured
  • Hard to find a lot of sizes in Canada
  • Can be very expensive depending on the supplier
  • Rentals tend to recoup the initial cost of purchase in 2-3 rentals
  • Hem lines can be surged or hemmed
  • Cannot be bleached

Polyester Tablecloths

  • Require ironing to achieve wrinkle free look
  • Can be bleached if required
  • Easy to put on
  • Most versatile table linen used for seated receptions, cocktail tables and buffet lines
  • Easy to find sizes across Canada in a variety of colours and patterns
  • Rentals tend to recoup the initial cost of purchase in 3 – 4 rentals
  • Hem lines can be surged or hemmed
  • Come in seamed or seamless designs

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that if you’ve never rented out linens before, you need to ensure you have great commercial laundry equipment on premise so you can properly maintain your tablecloth investment. (Even though we don't sell commercial laundry equipment, we wrote a post on the best commercial laundry for party rental companies in Canada to help our customers out with making the decision).

If you have any additional pros or cons of either a spandex table cover or polyester tablecloth that I haven't detailed, let us know by tweeting us at @NatlEventSupply or on Facebook on our timeline.

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The Cost of a Round Folding Table in Canada

Round Folding TableRound folding tables are a must-have when hosting any sort of event – whether it be a wedding, a meeting with speaker, a community centre gathering or a holiday party. Party rental companies, hotels, banquet halls and even churches and community centres know the benefits of having an inventory of round folding tables in stock. Because we supply thousands of companies across Canada with round folding tables in both wood and plastic, we recognize the importance of knowing how much to budget for new round folding tables. If your organization is in the market to replace your folding tables or are looking to make the switch from renting to owning, one of the first questions you’ll likely ask is "How much does a round folding table cost in Canada?" This post attempts to answer this important question so you can begin your buying process.

Round Wood Folding Table

Round wood folding tables come in standard sizes across Canada. You can buy them in 48" (4ft) rounds, 60" (5ft) rounds, 66" (5.5ft) rounds, and 72" (6ft) rounds. The range in pricing for round wood folding tables will depend on how thick the table top is, the type of locking mechanism for the legs, the material and thickness of the legs and the type of wood being used. 48 inch round wood folding tables will range in price from $89.95 to $268.95. 60 inch round wood folding tables will range in price from $129.95 to $329.95. 66 inch round wood folding tables will range in price from $139.95 to $455.95. Finally, 72 inch round wood folding tables will range in price from $168.95 to $464.95. Also keep in mind that some companies (generally companies that sell primarily to commercial organizations) will also provide volume discounts with the table cost decreasing based on the larger number of tables being purchased.

Round Plastic Folding Table

Round plastic folding tables also come in standard sizes across Canada. You can buy them in 48" (4ft) rounds, 60" (5ft) rounds, and 71 - 72" (6ft) rounds. The range in pricing for round plastic folding tables will depend on how thick the table top is, the type of locking mechanism for the legs, as well as the material and thickness of the legs. 48 inch round plastic folding tables will range in price from $76.00 to $119.95. 60 inch round plastic folding tables will range in price from $110.00 to $158.95. Finally, 72 inch round plastic folding tables will range in price from $145.00 to $229.95. As well as round wood folding tables, round plastic folding tables also will have similar volume discounts from commercial focused companies.

Hopefully this post gives you a good idea of the pricing available in the Canadian market for your refreshed round folding table inventory.

We ship both round plastic folding tables and round wood folding tables across the country. If you’re interested in receiving a quote for any of our round folding tables:


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The Best Party Tent Heaters in Canada

Best Party Tent HeatersEvent and Party Tents are a great way for event coordinators to extend the life of hosting outdoor events. Especially in Canada when it can be so cold and snowy, Tents offer a great alternative to an indoor event – but only when they're properly heated so guests are comfortable. Though we don't personally sell party tent heaters, our customers are leading party rental companies and tent rental companies who are potentially looking to purchase a party tent heater. We're interested in helping our customers make informed decisions regarding ANY of the purchases they make for their businesses– regardless of whether we sell it or not. Because of this, we're answering the important question Who sells the best party tent heaters in Canada?

L.B. White Tent Heaters

Based in Onalaska, Wisconsin, L.B White is a manufacturer of propane, natural gas and kerosene heaters for a wide variety of industries including tent environments. Founded in 1952, they offer direct fired forced air, radiant and indirect fired heaters in a arrangement of heat outputs, ignition types and installation options. Designed and approved to be placed either inside or outside a tent space, they also have a full line of tent heater ducting accessories to help tent rental and party rental companies create custom solutions for their customers.

Flagro Portable Heaters

Based in St. Catharine's, Ontario, Flagro Industries is a manufacturer of portable heaters, commercial bbq grills, propane torches and air movers. They have a wide variety of commercial portable direct fired heaters and indirect fired heaters which range in BTU/hr from 85,000 to 1,500,000. Founded in 1978, Flagro offers heaters in oil, diesel, propane or natural gas fuel types.

Frost Fighter

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Frost Fighter manufactures heaters from 200,000 to 1.5 million BTU in propane/natural gas or oil/diesel. They claim on their website that they set the industry standard with proven reliability in the harshest environments from the Andes Mountains to the most Northern regions of Canada and Alaska. In business for over 35 years, Frost Fighter has 4 indirect fired heaters available in the market while marketing two direct fired heaters to the market.

Hopefully this post sheds some light on who to go to and receive the best party tent heaters in the market.

Did we miss anyone? Disagree with our post? Tweet us @NatlEventSupply or comment on our timeline on Facebook.

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Where are Lifetime Tables made?

Rectangular Plastic Folding TableLifetime tables is a well-known brand of tables that sells direct and through distributors such as Walmart, Costco, and Lowes. With company headquarters based in the United States, they are often looked to as a respected brand when purchasing plastic folding tables for party rental companies. Even though we don’t personally sell lifetime folding tables, we believe in informing our customers and potential customers on any and all of the questions they may have regarding a commercial folding table purchase. When a company begins their search to replace their plastic folding table inventory, one of the questions that is sure to pop up is where a table is made. Because we have sold comparable plastic folding tables to thousands of customers, we naturally get asked "Where are lifetime tables made?" This article attempts to answer this important question.

Lifetime Products currently operates two blow mold plastic manufacturing facilities. The first is located in Clearfield, Utah, USA. This facility is one of the largest blow molded plastics facilities in North America, occupying approximately 2.2 million square feet. The second is located in Xiamen, China and is wholly owned by Lifetime Products.

As a result typically Lifetime tables fit into one of three categories. The first is a plastic folding table that generally does not say where it is made. Typically this product will be made in China. The second is a table that is Made in the USA from US and Imported Parts. This will appear on products that are made with mostly USA made components however some parts are sourced offshore. The last is a table that is made in the USA. This is a product that is fully made and assembled in the United States.

If you're interested in learning more regarding folding tables, check out our round up of The Definitive Party Rental Guide to Folding Tables.

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