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How to Assemble a Round Folding Table Cart

You will notice before purchasing our NES Round Table Cart that this product does require some assembly. These instructions will walk you through the assembly of the cart itself including what parts you should receive and what tools are and are not required. Below is what the Round Table Cart will look like when you first receive it.

Round Table Cart in Box

What you should receive:

  • (1x) Base Cart
  • (4x) Swivel Wheel with brake
  • (2x) Enclosure Pole
  • (1x) Handle
  • (16x) 1 1/4” Bolt
  • (16x) Steel Nut
  • (32x) Steel Washer
  • (12x) 2” Bolt
  • (12x) Gray Nut
  • (1x) Belt

Tools Required (not included):

  • Utility Knife or Scissors
  • Socket Ratchet
  • ½ inch 6 point socket

Round Table Cart Tools

  • 3” extension
  • Hex key (included)
  • Wrench (included)

Here’s what it will look like upon opening the box up and removing the base:

Round Table Cart in Box

Stand the Cart base up on its side in order to make it easier to put the wheels on.

Round Table Cart Base Standing Up

There is a rectangular box in the middle of the box – this contains the wheels, hardware and belt.

Round Table Cart Wheels

Step 1: Cut open the rectangular box with the utlility knife and take out the bag of hardware. Make sure to double check you have the full number of bolts, washers and nuts as well as the proper tools. If you do not, please contact National Event Supply customer service at 1-800-827-8953 or

Round Table Cart Hardware

Step 2: Take 1 wheel out of the box, and put 1 washer onto 1x 1 ¼” bolt. Repeat with 3 more 1 ¼” bolts for a total of 4 bolts with 1 washer on each.

Round Table Carts Bolt and Washer

Step 3: Put each bolt and washer set into each hole of one wheel – then put wheel with bolts / washers through the holes at one of the four corners on the bottom of the cart base (the flat side). It does not matter where each wheel goes.

Round Table Cart Attaching Wheel

Step 4: On the top of cart, attach a washer and then steel nut. Tighten with your hand until you can’t anymore.

Round Table Cart Attaching Bolt

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the remaining 3 bolts to hold the wheel loosely on the base of the cart.

Round Table Carts 4 Bolts Attached

Step 6: With the wrench provided and your ratchet with ½ inch socket plus 3” extension fastened together, attach the wrench to the bolt head and the ratchet to the steel nut. Ratchet all 4 nuts until the wheel is tight to the base of the cart.


Round Table Cart Bolts Tightened

Step 7: Repeat steps 2 – 6 on the remaining 3 wheels.

Round Table Cart All Wheels Attached

Step 8: Put the cart on its wheels and put the two enclosure poles in each of the holes.

Round Table Carts Putting The Handles on Cart

Be careful to double check that you are putting the pole with the flat bar at the cart end that has a 2” space before the end of cart. The below 2 pictures show the difference in ends – one has a gap and one does not.

Round Table Carts Attaching Poles 1Round Table Cart Attaching Poles 2

Step 9: Pick up 1x 2” bolts and 1x grey nuts. Starting on one pole, push down and put the bolt through the top hole – with the bolt head facing towards the side of the cart. Screw the grey nut on.

Round Table Cart Attaching Handles

Step 10: Take the hex key and put it into the bolt head and hold it with one hand. Using your other hand, screw on the nut. Repeat step 9 and 10 on the remaining 3 corner sections where the pole meets the cart.

Round Table Carts Tightening Screws on handle


Step 11: Now we need to connect the middle poles (circled in the photo below) on either side of the cart to the base of the cart.

Round Table Cart Middle Pole

You will need 2 x 2” bolt and 2x grey bolts. The bolt holes may not initially line up but you just need to maneouver the middle bar into place and put the 2 bolts in (with the bolt head facing you).

Round Table Cart Securing Middle Pole

Round Table Cart Securing Middle Pole 2

Round Table Carts Securing the Middle Pole 3

Step 12: Using your hex key again, put it into the bolt head and use one hand to hold the hex key while you use the other hand to screw the grey bolt onto the bottom of the bolt. Repeat on both bolts until nut is tight. Repeat step 12 on the other middle pole.

Round Table Cart Tightening Middle Pole

Step 13: You will see 1 remaining part left – the handle of the cart. There’s a side that has holes and a side that does not (see below pictures).

Round Table Cart Handle

Round Table Cart Handle 2

Place the handle (hole side down) in the 2 holes at the top part of the straight enclosure poles.

Round Table Cart Attaching Handle

Step 14: There are two locking pins on either side of the handle that allow you to adjust the space depending on if you’re storing 4ft, ft or 6ft round tables. Using your hand pull down on the locking clip and use your body to push one side of the handle in.

Round Table Cart Pulling Handle Out

Do the same on the other side – pulling down on the locking pin and using yoiur body to push the handle in.

Round Table Cart Attaching Handle 2

Your cart is almost complete! The below three photos show the handle position when storing a 4ft round;

Round Table Carts 4-ft Tables

5 foot round;

Round Table Carts 5-ft

And 6ft round tables.

Round Table Carts 6-ft

Step 15: The last thing to do is to attach the belt that is used whenever you’re transporting less than a full cart load of tables. This belt can be hooked in one of the many holes on the cart enclosure poles and handle to make sure the tables don’t flow all over in the cart. The belt can also be extended to make a tighter or looser fit.

Round Table Cart Strap

Round Table Cart Strap 2

There you go. All set to transport your round folding tables.

If you are missing parts, are having problems with assembly or have another question, please contact our customer service representatives at or 1-800-827-8953.

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New Banquet Chair Dolly Now in Stock

For over a year we’ve had a two wheel hand truck for stacking chairs and banquet chairs in stock. This was a good solution for many organizations as it allowed them to pick the kind of wheel they bought – customizing the cart based on whether they were planning to use the cart on grass, on pavement or both.

It isn’t a traditional banquet chair dolly and there are some that prefer the banquet chair dollies with protective carpet to help protect the banquet chair frames.

I’m pleased to announce we now have banquet chair dollies in our Mississauga warehouse with protective carpeting.

Banquet Chair Dolly

The stacking chair cart measures 49.25" H x 28.25" W x 25.5" D and allows for the easy and efficient transport of banquet chairs and other stacking chairs. It features a plush carpeted back and cart bottom to protect the banquet chair frames. It has an assembled weight of 20.2 lbs, allows stacks of up to 8 chairs to go through a standard door and has sturdy wheels for easy maneuvering.

If you’re interested in a quote for our new banquet chair dolly including shipping:

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How to Store Rectangle Folding Tables

If you are a party rental company, a banquet hall or a hotel, chances are you have a large number of rectangle folding tables in your inventory. With the need for ample storage space in order to fit all the folding tables, one of the questions we often get asked is: “How to Store Rectangle Folding Tables”

There are four different ways to store rectangle folding tables, with some dependent on storage space and how the folding banquet tables will be used. Check them out below:

Stored on Folding Table Racking

This type of rectangle folding table storage is great when you have a warehouse, and want to minimize the amount of space your folding tables take up. Folding table racking can be stacked up to 3 racks high on top of one another, removed via a forklift and then wheeled (via swivel wheels) or transported via forklift onto your delivery truck. They hold 10 – 22 rectangular folding tables with a weight capacity of 2000lbs.

Folding Table Racking

Stored on Skids

If folding table racking isn’t for you, you can choose to buy skids and stack the rectangle folding tables on top of one another. We do this with our wood folding tables as they are manufactured and shipped to us without boxes. Generally, 4ft x 30” wood folding tables we would stack no more than 20 tables high (we don’t stack any tables in our warehouse more than 20 tables high to avoid any damage), 6ft x 30” rectangle folding tables we would stack 18-20 tables high and 8ft x 30” rectangle folding tables we would stack 16 - 20 tables high. We stack them wrapped in twos with tops touching tops and with table rails touching table rails. The tables can then be moved onto a truck (if need be) with a pallet truck or forklift.

Tables on Skids

Stored on the Folding Table Edge

If you don’t plan to transport the tables very often, or don’t mind the extra labour involved, you can also store rectangle folding tables on their sides (or edges as they are more often known). This type of storage ensures that the table doesn’t have any extra weight on it which prevents damage. It can be a bit more of a hassle as your employees would need to ensure they’re properly skidded for transport to events but this option doesn’t take up as much square footage as some of the other options.

Stored in a Rectangle Folding Table Cart

Rectangle Folding Table Cart also known as a Rectangle Table Dolly holds (you guessed it) rectangle folding tables on a maneuverable wheeled cart. With four locking swivel wheels, these carts generally can hold 6ft and 8ft rectangle folding tables. The capacity of these carts vary in the size of the table but the general rule is 12-18 folding tables per cart.

Since each method is a matter of personal preference we don’t tend to state whether we feel one option is better than the other. There are party rental companies who swear by folding table racks and those that swear by rectangle table carts. It goes back to the wood vs. plastic folding table debate. We hope this post helped showcase the different options you have available to store your round folding tables so you can preserve your investment for years to come.

Are there any ways to store round folding tables that we’ve missed? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.

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What to Use to Secure Wood Folding Chairs to Folding Chair Carts

Wood Folding Chairs

Those familiar with resin folding chairs understand that similar to plastic folding chairs, resin folding chairs lock into the chair below them when stacked. This means that the stack of chairs is secure from shifting and falling over onto the ground or even worse on top of an employee or customer. But wood folding chairs don’t have this locking mechanism because they’re not made by resin molds and machines. So, while some rental companies favour their ability to be refinished, they need a way to secure wood folding chairs to folding chair carts when transporting their chairs to the customer.

Our folding chair cart with airless wheels can fit 29 wood folding chairs stacked on it through a standard height door. Our standard folding chair cart can fit 32 wood folding chairs stacked on it through a standard height door. From our customer intelligence, most party rentals that we’ve talked to use ratcheting tie downs or bungee cords.

In order to properly secure 29 wood folding chairs on a folding chair cart with airless wheels you will need a tie down of at least 16 3/8ft. In order to properly secure 32 wood folding chairs on a standard folding chair cart, you will need a tie down of at least 16 1/4ft as well.

Below is a product that can be purchased to properly secure your wood folding chairs to chair carts. I would recommend purchasing 2 per cart.

Nite Ize Tie Down Strap Camjam 18 Feet

Nite Ize Tie Down Strap Camjam

Available from Home Depot here.

Available from Amazon here.

Available from Cabelas here.

Do you secure your chairs differently? Let us know us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.

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How much does a banquet chair dolly cost?

Banquet chair dollies are the perfect way to transport banquet chairs between the storage room and your event venue’s different rooms. Perhaps you already own multiple or just one banquet chair dolly, or perhaps you don’t own any – regardless of whether you own one or not – the number one question you’re bound to ask yourself when looking for a dolly is “how much does a banquet chair dolly cost?” Below will detail the approximate cost to budget when looking to purchase a banquet chair dolly in Canada.

Banquet chair carts range in price from $49.95 - $130.95 CDN. The range in price is due to three different style variations and different materials in use.

Stacking Chair Cart Global Industrial

Picture Source: Global Industrial

Stack chair carts which are rolling carts without handles should be available within the lowest range of the pricing. They fit up to 15 chairs on them but can sometimes be hard to maneuver given the lack of handle.


Banquet Chair Dolly PS Furniture

Picture Source: PS Furniture

This style of banquet chair dolly can be tipped back and should be available at the higher end of the price range. They fit up to 10 chairs at one time on the dolly.


Banquet Chair Dolly

This third type of banquet chair cart/dolly is towards the high end of the pricing range with options to have two different kinds of wheels included: regular wheels (pneumatic) and wheels with no air that make it easier to transport the chair cart across grass. It fits 7 chairs per dolly.


Hopefully this article helps you figure out the approximate price you should budget for each banquet chair cart you’d like to purchase.

If you’re interested in a quote including shipping to your location:


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