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How to Store Rectangle Folding Tables

If you are a party rental company, a banquet hall or a hotel, chances are you have a large number of rectangle folding tables in your inventory. With the need for ample storage space in order to fit all the folding tables, one of the questions we often get asked is: “How to Store Rectangle Folding Tables”

There are four different ways to store rectangle folding tables, with some dependent on storage space and how the folding banquet tables will be used. Check them out below:

Stored on Folding Table Racking

This type of rectangle folding table storage is great when you have a warehouse, and want to minimize the amount of space your folding tables take up. Folding table racking can be stacked up to 3 racks high on top of one another, removed via a forklift and then wheeled (via swivel wheels) or transported via forklift onto your delivery truck. They hold 10 – 22 rectangular folding tables with a weight capacity of 2000lbs.

Folding Table Racking

Stored on Skids

If folding table racking isn’t for you, you can choose to buy skids and stack the rectangle folding tables on top of one another. We do this with our wood folding tables as they are manufactured and shipped to us without boxes. Generally, 4ft x 30” wood folding tables we would stack no more than 20 tables high (we don’t stack any tables in our warehouse more than 20 tables high to avoid any damage), 6ft x 30” rectangle folding tables we would stack 18-20 tables high and 8ft x 30” rectangle folding tables we would stack 16 - 20 tables high. We stack them wrapped in twos with tops touching tops and with table rails touching table rails. The tables can then be moved onto a truck (if need be) with a pallet truck or forklift.

Tables on Skids

Stored on the Folding Table Edge

If you don’t plan to transport the tables very often, or don’t mind the extra labour involved, you can also store rectangle folding tables on their sides (or edges as they are more often known). This type of storage ensures that the table doesn’t have any extra weight on it which prevents damage. It can be a bit more of a hassle as your employees would need to ensure they’re properly skidded for transport to events but this option doesn’t take up as much square footage as some of the other options.

Stored in a Rectangle Folding Table Cart

Rectangle Folding Table Cart also known as a Rectangle Table Dolly holds (you guessed it) rectangle folding tables on a maneuverable wheeled cart. With four locking swivel wheels, these carts generally can hold 6ft and 8ft rectangle folding tables. The capacity of these carts vary in the size of the table but the general rule is 12-18 folding tables per cart.

Since each method is a matter of personal preference we don’t tend to state whether we feel one option is better than the other. There are party rental companies who swear by folding table racks and those that swear by rectangle table carts. It goes back to the wood vs. plastic folding table debate. We hope this post helped showcase the different options you have available to store your round folding tables so you can preserve your investment for years to come.

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