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Alternatives to Table Skirts

Table Skirting

Table Skirts used for events, buffets and registration tables are a great way to provide a clean look while allowing hidden storage for staff members. And while they are often fantastic at ensuring extra dishes and cutlery can be hidden for buffets, their ease of use is not always a walk in the park. Most hotels, banquet halls and golf courses that I know of tend to put their table skirts on and leave them on for prolonged periods of time. This is because if they’re ironing them in-house they are not the easiest linens to iron. They also have to be put on with table skirting clips which is another added expense – and not always easy to find. Because of this, I thought it makes sense to point out other options that can be used instead of table skirts. Check them out below:

Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted Tablecloth

Available in Black or White in both 6ft x 30” and 8ft x 30”, fitted tablecloths are a great alternative to table skirts. Available in 180 gsm polyester, 8ft fitted tablecloths are idea for buffet or display tables and catering companies. They’re stain resistant and flame retardant with a hemmed edge and seamed design along the tabletop. They’re 100% machine washable and iron-able.

Polyester Tablecloths:

Available in 60” x 102”, 60” x 126”, 90” x 132” and 90” x 156”, polyester tablecloths can also be used to give storage space while presenting a streamlined tablecover. Available in 180 gsm polyester, they’re stain resistant and flame retardant with a hemmed edge. They’re 100% machine washable and iron-able. Polyester tablecloths can be pinned at the corners or “boxed” to look similar to a fitted tablecloth. For directions how to box a tablecloth, check out this post and video.

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