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Blog posts from March, 2015

How strong is a 60 inch round folding table?

For those unfamiliar with our stress test series, we work in an industry that’s in a race to the lowest price possible. When the owners initially bought National Event Supply that was the original strategy taken – however, it became increasingly clear that in order to have the lowest price possible, products have to be specked down in. As a company, we want to be proud of the products we sell and so we decided to focus on quality products at a good price for their value instead of on price itself. But in an industry filled with products that look like our products, but don’t perform like our products how could we show people how strong and durable our products really were? Enter the stress test series.

In the past, we’ve tested a number of our plastic and wood banquet tables including our 60 inch round resin folding table. Because we stock both wood and plastic banquet tables, our most recent stress test is on its wood counterpart – our wood 60 inch round folding table. Take a look below at the results of this stress test video!

If you’re interested in a quote for our 60 inch round resin or wood folding table including shipping to your location:

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How strong are wood chiavari chairs?

Here at National Event Supply, we are on a mission. A mission to provide high quality event equipment at fair prices. When we first decided that this was the strategy we were going to take to market, we asked ourselves how we could show potential customers that our products were durable and sourced on quality rather than the lowest cost. We found out how to show people their quality by performing our own stress tests in house and since then we’ve completed over 20 videos on different products we sell.

Today’s post is on our new dark fruitwood wood Chiavari chairs. We wanted to see how they fared when subjected to hundreds of pounds of salt to see if they were a high-quality product for the rental industry to own. We’ve tested our resin Chiavari chairs by walking a 225lb man across the back of one, without breaking. How would wooden Chiavari chairs fare to a stress test? Find out in the video below.

Pretty strong chair right?

If you’re interested in receiving a quote on our dark fruitwood Chiavari chairs including shipping:


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Wood Cruiser Tables vs Plastic Folding Cocktail Tables (Pros and Cons)

Now that we have wood cruiser tables back in stock, we thought it would be a great time to compare them to our plastic folding cocktail tables. Both of them are available in bar height and table height, but that's where the similarities end. If you're looking at getting into the cocktail table market, you may not be sure which way you should go. We'll try to make the decision easier on why choose wood cruiser tables over plastic folding cocktail tables or vice versa.

Plastic Folding Cocktail Tables

plastic folding cocktail table

  • No assembly required
  • Minimal set-up time
  • Easily folds away when event is over
  • Only one piece; no parts to go missing
  • More weather resistant than wood cocktail table
  • Table feet do not allow levelling on uneven ground
  • Doesn't have the traditional shape in spandex table covers
  • Only Available in one size (32") and one shape (round)

Wood Cruiser Tables

wood cruiser tables

  • Traditional shape looks outstanding under spandex
  • Available in 3 sizes (24", 30", 36") and 2 shapes (round and square)
  • New parts can be bought if pieces are damaged or lost
  • By swapping pole, table can go from table height to bar height rather than needing to buy another table
  • Assembly required (Screwdriver Required)
  • Not as weather resistant. Table top will separate if exposed to the elements long term
  • Pieces can be lost or stolen because it comes apart into separate pieces
  • More labour intensive due to assembly time and the need to level tables

If you're looking for an easy to handle table, and are less worried about the aesthetics of what it looks like under spandex, you'll probably find the plastic folding cocktail table more to your liking. If aesthetic are important or you like being able to change things up size, shape, and height wise, you might find the wood cocktail table more to your liking.

If you're interested in a quote for our wood cruiser tables or our plastic folding cocktail tables:

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Rectangle Banquet Tables vs. Round Banquet Tables: Which Holds More People?

Readers who follow our blog know that we often have blog posts answering reader and customer questions. Today’s post is based on a question that has been asked in our website search bar more than 20 times in the past 3 months. The question is “how many less people can you seat using round tables versus using rectangular tables”.

Anyone in the events industry knows that it’s all about head counts. The more people you can fit at a table and the more tables you can fit in a room, the more money to be made. Below we’ve put together an easy to reference table of Round Banquet Tables and Rectangle Banquet Tables including their measurements and how many people they seat.

Round Banquet Tables

Banquet Table DescriptionTable Measurements# of People Seated
48 In (4ft) Round Wood or Plastic Plastic: 48" Diameter x 29 1/4" High
Wood: 48" Diameter x 29 7/8" High
60 Inch (5ft) Round Wood or Plastic Plastic: 60” diameter x 29 1/2” high
Wood: 60” diameter x 29 7/8” high
66 Inch (5.5ft) Round Wood 66” diameter x 29 7/8” high 6-8
71 Inch (5ft 11”) Round Plastic 71” diameter x 29 1/4” high 8-10
72 Inch (6ft) Round Wood 72” diameter x 29 7/8” high 8-10


Rectangle Banquet Tables

Banquet Table DescriptionTable Measurements# of People Seated
4ft Rectangle Wood or Plastic Wood: 48” long x 30” wide x 29 7/8” high
Plastic: 48” long x 24” wide x 29 1/4” high
5ft Rectangle Plastic 60” long x 30” wide x 29 1/4” high 4-5
6ft Rectangle Wood or Plastic Wood: 72” long x 30” wide x 29 7/8” high
Plastic: 72” long x 30” wide x 29 1/4” high
8ft Rectangle Wood or Plastic Wood: 96” long x 30” wide x 29 7/8”
Plastic: 96” long x 30” wide x 29 1/4”
8ft Rectangle Wood Harvest 8ft long x 42” wide x 29 7/8” high 8-10


Hopefully this post helps you to understand the capacity between a rectangle versus a round banquet table.

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The Ultimate Food Trends Guide for 2015: What's Hot and What's Not

We’re a couple months into the year and rounding out the last month of the first quarter. Still big news in the foodservice industry is the food trends that are popping up around the country as well as forecasted trends to come.

Knowing the trends ensures your menu stays current and you’re maintaining your competitive edge. Restaurants and caterers can win business based on staying up-to-date on trends so updating your menu on a quarterly basis based on your top sellers can give you a boost in reservations and revenue.

Because there are so many different publications and sources of information out there to read about the trends, and because caterers and restauranteurs are such busy people, we wanted to compile the ultimate food trends guide to provide a one stop place for those busy people to easily find information. Check out this slide show below to learn the hottest of hot food trends for 2015.

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