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How strong are wood chiavari chairs?

Here at National Event Supply, we are on a mission. A mission to provide high quality event equipment at fair prices. When we first decided that this was the strategy we were going to take to market, we asked ourselves how we could show potential customers that our products were durable and sourced on quality rather than the lowest cost. We found out how to show people their quality by performing our own stress tests in house and since then we’ve completed over 20 videos on different products we sell.

Today’s post is on our new dark fruitwood wood Chiavari chairs. We wanted to see how they fared when subjected to hundreds of pounds of salt to see if they were a high-quality product for the rental industry to own. We’ve tested our resin Chiavari chairs by walking a 225lb man across the back of one, without breaking. How would wooden Chiavari chairs fare to a stress test? Find out in the video below.

Pretty strong chair right?

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