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How much are crystal champagne flutes in Canada?

Serenity Crystal Champagne FluteCrystal champagne flutes add to a restaurant's or event's aesthetics. They exude luxury and contribute to the look of the venue as well as the atmosphere. Having sold thousands of crystal stemware including crystal champagne flutes to party rental companies and restaurants across Canada, we understand the need to budget for crystal champagne flutes, especially for industries with such high turnover of the crystal stemware. We've answered the important question – how much are crystal champagne flutes in Canada – to provide an easy to reference guide for estimating costs as well as providing you with a benchmark when looking at a new supplier.

Cost of crystal champagne flutes

Crystal champagne flutes can be found almost everywhere as a number of retailers sell them – however – for the purpose of this post we will be looking at commercial retailers who sell to businesses only. These commercial retailers tend to feature less mark-ups than a traditional consumer retailer. In commercial establishments, champagne flutes in crystal range in price from $2.85 to $35.24. The range in cost is dependent on whether it’s man-made or machine made champagne flutes (man-made are more expensive), the volume of champagne the glass can handle (larger volume has a higher cost), whether it’s sold direct from the manufacturer and brand name.

Hopefully this guide will help you determine the approximate cost you’re willing to pay for your party rental company or restaurant.

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