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Favourite Finds: May 2013

May has been a busy month for National Event Supply, increasing our product lines further in dinnerware with 6 new pieces of porcelain. Check out the articles below we’ve been reading to catch up on the industry during the evenings.

Social media can be a great way for events to raise attendee energy and increase the buzz associated with the event. But what happens when confidentiality concerns trump social sharing? Check out this article entitled "Antisocial Behavior: When Event Professionals Have to Block Social Media" to hear special event experts explain how they shut down social media postings when necessary.

Antisocial Behaviour: When Event Professionals Have to Block Social Media
Photo by Austin ImageWorks


New trends are emerging that are doing away with the traditional weddings of days past. Special Events magazine wrote an article about the new modern trends popping up and the portions of the wedding trends going bigger and smaller than their mother’s event. Check out the article "Wedding Trends: What's Going Big/What's Going Small" to learn more.

What's Going Big, What's Going Small

The biggest question in hiring and maintaining a sales workforce often is how to pay them. The answer, however, is that there is no one right answer. While there isn't a universal prescription for sales compensation out there, there are several ideas about what can be done. Check out this article from Rental Management magazine, "Sales Relationships" to hear how other rental companies are dealing with sales compensation.

Sales Relationships

Success in the restaurant business can be elusive. What's more, success means different things to different people. Regardless of one's definition of success, the basics in the restaurant industry never change. Check out's article on the top 20 factors for success in the restaurant business.

Success in the Restaurant Business

Shelley Provost, a columnist for Inc Magazine, wrote an article on what she believes is 4 unique working styles: Doing, Leading, Loving, and Learning. The best teams have a balance of all four styles. And the best organizations have many well-balanced teams who are confident in their working style and understand the necessity of divergent types or work. So, what's your style? Check out this article "4 Unique Working Styles: What's Yours?" to learn more.

4 Unique Working Styles

Have a fantastic June—wedding season is finally upon us! If you have any event needs, make sure you contact National Event Supply for a quote.