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6 New Pieces of Porcelain

Spring shipments continue to arrive at National Event Supply. Recently we took delivery of a container of porcelain from our factory. In addition to the Quadrato Dessert Plates, the 10 inch and 12 inch Risotto Bowls, and several sizes of rectangular platters, we took delivery of 6 new pieces of porcelain that we’ve been eagerly awaiting since January of this year.

H3951 Hotelier Sugar Bowl with Lid H3950-Hotelier Creamer
H3951 Hotelier Sugar Bowl with Lid H3950 Hotelier Creamer

The last time we ordered porcelain, we added coffee mugs, espresso cups, and cappuccino bowls to our Hotelier line. It was only after we took delivery of the new coffee stuff that we realised that if we’re going to carry coffee and tea things, then maybe we should also carry sugar bowls and creamers. With this shipment, we’ve rectified our oversight and have added a 10oz Creamer and an 8oz Sugar Bowl with lid. As you can see below, both items match the styling and colour of our Hotelier line and would be perfect for use in restaurants or at events with family style dining. Both the Hotelier Creamer (SKU: H3950) and the Hotelier Sugar Bowl with Lid (SKU: H3951) are introductorily priced at $6.95/ea.

A1220-Quad Divided Bowl A1229 Trio Plate
A1220 Quad Divided Bowl A1229 Trio Plate

We’ve been selling our Trio Bowl (SKU: A1330) for over three years now and have caterers and rental customers rave over the design. We’ve also been asked if we could get bowls with four slightly larger compartments, and for small porcelain platters with divisions. It’s taken a little while, but we've finally received porcelain pieces that will meet our customers needs. The first item is our new Quad Divided Bowl (SKU: A1220). It features 4 individual sections, each of which holds 4oz. The other new multi-segment item is our new Trio Platter (SKU: A1229). It is a three section platter, each of which is 3.5 inches square. We are happy to introduce the Quad Divided Bowl at the price of $11.75/ea and the Trio Platter at $6.50/ea.

A0319 Porcelain Tasting Spoon A1164 Wide Rim Bowl
A0319 Porcelain Tasting Spoon A1164 Wide Rim Bowl

The last two new items that we're introducing today are our new Porcelain Tasting Spoon (SKU: A0319) and our new Wide Rim Bowl (SKU: 1164). The new porcelain tasting spoon is designed for individual appetizers or amuse bouche. They are just big enough to hold a bite-sized morsel of goodness, and they're intriguing shape will undoubtedly make the an item that your customers will talk about. The Wide Rim Bowl is perfect for serving chips with some sort of dip at a table, or a small appetizer. It holds 6oz, and is 11.25 inches wide. We will be introducing the Porcelain Tasting Spoon to the market for $0.60/ea and the Wide Rim Bowl for $9.95/ea.

While we won't be getting anymore porcelain this spring, we hope to be adding new products later this summer. To keep up with our new products, why not join our mailing list. If you're interested in any of our new porcelain pieces, why not ask one of our sales reps for a free quote?