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Canada’s Leading Party and Event Rental Supplier Goes Bilingual!

Revamped website adds smartphone capabilities, French translations and easier access for event and party rental planners on the go.


(Mississauga, ON) March 26 -National Event Supply, one of Canada’s leading suppliers to the party and event rental industry, today announced the re-launch of their website, with improved usability for mobile users, and complete French translations for their Francophone customers. The revamped site offers visitors from the hospitality, food service, party rental, and event rental sectors a fresh look that is more focused on users’ needs.

The redesigned website has a new user-friendly layout for touch-screen based devices like smartphones and tablets, enhanced product information and regularly updated content in the blog, and improved product pictures, in addition to a complete translation to French allowing for better service for their Francophone customers.

"Our goal is to keep our customers as up-to-date as possible, as well as to provide more efficient service to our clients,” said Dennis Heathcote, President of National Event Supply. “Our latest website improvements are significant because we have made the website fully accessible to Francophones across Canada, allowing those who are more comfortable dealing with commercial activities in French to more effectively utilize our online offerings."

Also added to National Event Supply’s technological snapshot are capabilities for smartphone apps allowing for enhanced website compatibility through easy-to-maneuver smart devices. This comes as great news for planners and event rental professionals who are always on the go.

“In this day and age, it’s important to place technology at the forefront of your strategic planning, and with the inclusion of a smartphone app and enhanced website, I think we’ve set a benchmark within our industry,” added Heathcote.

For more information and to view the new website, please visit:

About National Event Supply:

National Event Supply began as a home business retailing porcelain figurines in 1992. After expanding to provide commercial-quality products to the hospitality and food service sector, National Event Supply quickly became a one-stop shop for the party and event rental industry.

Today, National Event Supply is a leading factory-direct wholesaler to the party and event rental, food service, and hospitality industry, focused on growth through delivering quality products at great value with excellent customer service, technology, and beneficial relationships with our customers.

Canadian locations for National Event Supply include their main showroom and warehouse in Mississauga, as well as their warehouse facility in Vancouver. National Event Supply has also tapped into the American market with a location in Indianapolis.


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How Much Weight Can Plastic Folding Card Tables Hold?

We've made several videos recently featuring our plastic folding chairs. We've loaded them with weight until they collapsed, and done a time lapse with them holding almost 400 pounds. With those in mind, we decided to do a video featuring our NES Reliable Square Plastic Folding Card Table. We know that these tables are as strong as our NES Reliable Folding Banquet Tables, but we wanted to show you that they weren't nearly as rickety as the card table of old. My grandmother has an old card table, and I swear that it would collapse if there was a strong breeze. And I know that our plastic folding card table won't.

As you can see from the video, the NES Reliable Square Plastic Folding Card Table easily held over 1100 pounds. In other words, the three lineman in the picture below could stand together on the table (if they could fit) and not break it. That being said, we don't encourage table dancing!

Three Big Guys!

We're so happy with our NES Reliable Square Plastic Folding Card Tables, that we've started stocking them in our Vancouver warehouse. So if you need a plastic folding card table in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary or points in between, we're able to quickly ship you a table and reduce the cost of shipping!

If you have any questions about the NES Reliable Square Plastic Folding Card Table or any of our other products, please don't hesitate to drop us a line! Our salestaff are more than happy to answer any of our questions.

How Strong are Plastic Folding Chairs (pt.2)

Deicing SaltIn a previous blog article, we talked about the strength of our Plastic Folding Chairs. We wrote about how with Samsonite folding chairs, you often get what you pay for. And then we provided a video showing one of our black on black poly folding chairs collapsing under the weight of 240kg or 528 pounds. It was cool watching the chair waver ever so slightly and then collapse under the weight. Judging by the success of shows like Mythbusters I'm not the only one who likes watching things fail. Now, I'll admit it would have been even cooler with an explosion and a fireball, but our neighbours frown on pyrotechnics and blowing stuff up.

For this video, we're not trying to break one of our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Chairs. Knowing how much weight it takes to destroy a chair is useful information. What's more useful however, is knowing how much weight one of our chairs can hold without collapsing and sending its occupant to the ground. This time we want the chair to survive.

The set-up is much the same as last time. Dennis loaded up the chair with 9, 20kg bags of salt. With 396lbs of weight sitting on the chair, we set-up the camera to take a picture once every five minutes and then walk away. Check out the video below to check out the results!

We hope you've found these two videos about our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Chairs useful. If you have any questions about the chairs, don't hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives!

In Stock: Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs

Shipping DockAt National Event Supply, we pride ourselves on being a stocking warehouse. What this means is that we try to keep everything but our special order items in stock. This way if you need a table, you're not waiting a month for one to arrive from China. To keep items in stock, we're always monitoring inventory levels, examining outstanding quotes, and listening to what our customers are saying so that we can anticipate their needs. Sometimes though, we get suprised by the demand for a particular items and unfortunately run out of stock.

Until last week, when our container came in, we were sold out of our NES Reliable Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs. The Blow-Mold Stacking Chair is a relatively new chair for us. We've only had it in inventory for a little over a year, and sales have just started taking off. The Blow-Mold Stacking Chair is unbelievably comfortable over long periods, while being strong and durable. Unlike banquet chairs, where you can cut the fabric or vinyl, the Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs have no vinyl or upholstrey to cut, burn, or otherwise mutilate. Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs are made of the same strong and durable material as our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Tables, and have passed a 6 inch, 275 pound drop test and are capable of holding static weights in excess of 500 pounds.

NES Reliable Blow-Molds Stacking Chair NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chair
Click to enlarge pictures.

We also received a shipment of our NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chairs. The Blow-Mold Folding Chairs are, like the Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs, manufactured from the same heavy-duty plastic and steel as our NES Reliable Plastic Folding tables. This combination of high-quality plastic and heavy-duty steel tubing forms the basis for the strongest folding chair that we sell. Blow-Mold Folding Chairs are just as comfortable as their stacking sibling, and as strong as well. Blow-Mold Folding Chairs were exposed to the same 6 inch, 275 pound drop test as the Blow-Mold Stacking Chair, and passed with flying colours. We also carry a Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart to help move up to 30 of these chairs from event to event.

Our next container should be arriving near the end of the month, and should have a load of NES Reliable Bar-Height Plastic Folding Chairs. If you have any questions about the Blow-Mold Stacking Chair, the Blow-Mold Folding Chair, or any of our other fine products, our sales reps would be happy to answer them!

Port Image courtesy of samarttiw /

Another New Chair Dolly!

National Event Supply offers an impressive range of chair dollies to make transporting our chairs relatively easy. The three chair dollies I would like to focus on today are our Folding Chair Cart, Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart, and our brand new Chiavari Chair Dolly.

Chair CartWe have been offering our basic Folding Chair Cart for a number of years now. It is made of tough black powder coated steel allowing it to stand up to daily use with ease. This folding chair cart includes two locking and swiveling wheels that make it easy to maneuver the cart even with a heavy load. Additionally the locking wheels allow you to keep the chair cart in one place when loading or when it is not in use, preventing a hazardous run away chair cart. To help you secure your heavy load while in transit our folding chair cart has four tie down points that make it easy to strap down the load. The folding chair cart can be used to move or store both the NES Reliable Plastic Folding Chairs (about 50pcs) as well as the NES Reliable White Resin Folding Chairs (about 30pcs).

Our Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart is a relatively new item for us as we have been selling this item since late 2011. It is made of a light grey powder coated steel that is very similar in colour to the blow-mold chair and table frames. It features upright support bars that allow you to stack the blow-mold stacking chairs without the risk of them falling over. The Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart has four locking and swiveling wheels to help with maneuverability. This cart will hold 30 - NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chairs making effective use of storage space.

Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart Chiavari Chair Dolly
Click to enlarge pictures.

National Event Supply’ newest chair dolly addition is our Chiavari Chair Dolly. We have been carrying our NES Reliable Resin Chiavari Chairs for over 2 years now and with their success came the interest in a chair dolly to transport them. The cart has two pneumatic wheels to help absorb bumps and is made of red powder coated steel for added durability. The flip down lift bar makes it easy for you to quickly pick up and move resin or wood chiavari chairs.

We're very happy with our three chair carts/chair dollies. If you have any questions about any of these products, please don’t hesitate to ask our sales reps about them.