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In Stock: Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs

Shipping DockAt National Event Supply, we pride ourselves on being a stocking warehouse. What this means is that we try to keep everything but our special order items in stock. This way if you need a table, you're not waiting a month for one to arrive from China. To keep items in stock, we're always monitoring inventory levels, examining outstanding quotes, and listening to what our customers are saying so that we can anticipate their needs. Sometimes though, we get suprised by the demand for a particular items and unfortunately run out of stock.

Until last week, when our container came in, we were sold out of our NES Reliable Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs. The Blow-Mold Stacking Chair is a relatively new chair for us. We've only had it in inventory for a little over a year, and sales have just started taking off. The Blow-Mold Stacking Chair is unbelievably comfortable over long periods, while being strong and durable. Unlike banquet chairs, where you can cut the fabric or vinyl, the Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs have no vinyl or upholstrey to cut, burn, or otherwise mutilate. Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs are made of the same strong and durable material as our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Tables, and have passed a 6 inch, 275 pound drop test and are capable of holding static weights in excess of 500 pounds.

NES Reliable Blow-Molds Stacking Chair NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chair
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We also received a shipment of our NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chairs. The Blow-Mold Folding Chairs are, like the Blow-Mold Stacking Chairs, manufactured from the same heavy-duty plastic and steel as our NES Reliable Plastic Folding tables. This combination of high-quality plastic and heavy-duty steel tubing forms the basis for the strongest folding chair that we sell. Blow-Mold Folding Chairs are just as comfortable as their stacking sibling, and as strong as well. Blow-Mold Folding Chairs were exposed to the same 6 inch, 275 pound drop test as the Blow-Mold Stacking Chair, and passed with flying colours. We also carry a Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart to help move up to 30 of these chairs from event to event.

Our next container should be arriving near the end of the month, and should have a load of NES Reliable Bar-Height Plastic Folding Chairs. If you have any questions about the Blow-Mold Stacking Chair, the Blow-Mold Folding Chair, or any of our other fine products, our sales reps would be happy to answer them!

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