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How much do stacking chairs cost in Canada?

Blow Mold Stacking ChairStacking chairs can be a more comfortable and substantial chair to consider investing in for community centres, churches and schools. They have metal frames to hold large amounts of weight while being durable, yet are still light enough for most people to pick up and move by hand should they need to. They also are made to utilize banquet chair dollies (also known as stacking chair dollies) to transport more than a few at a time for set up and removal. After you’ve determined that a stacking chair best meets your centre, church, school or organization’s needs, the next question sure to be on your list is “how much do stacking chairs cost in Canada?” We’ll answer that question for you in the article below so you are able to gain a better understanding of the budget you’ll need to purchase your stacking chairs and / or how much you will need to fundraise.

As there are two different categories that stacking chairs fall into, we’ve broken the article down into cost of plastic stacking chairs and cost of upholstered stacking chairs (sometimes known as banquet chairs).

Cost of plastic stacking chairs in Canada

The average cost of plastic stacking chairs in Canada ranges from $30.95 – 70.95 not including taxes or shipping. The cost ranges due to the thickness of the metal frame, thickness of the plastic, the cost of petroleum (as plastics can be derived from petroleum), the intricacy of the design and the brand distributing the product. Suppliers that deal with commercial organizations will often have volume discounts as well to lower the cost per chair as the volume increases.

Cost of upholstered stacking chairs in Canada

The average cost of upholstered stacking chairs in Canada ranges from $35.95 to $80.95 not including taxes and shipping. The cost ranges due to the amount of fabric needed, the type of fabric (leather, vinyl, cotton, polyester, etc), the thickness of the metal frame and intricacy of frame design, where the product is manufactured and whether the upholstery is custom or stocked. As with plastic stacking chairs, suppliers that deal with commercial organizations will often have volume discounts as well to lower the cost per chair as the volume increases.

Hopefully this post gives you an idea of the approximate costs to be associating to your new stacking chair budget.

If you’re interested in receiving a quote for upholstered stacking chairs (special order) or plastic stacking chairs (in stock now):

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Thanks for being Awesome!

Hey you—yes you. You’ve been reading our blog! Maybe you’re a new reader, maybe you’ve been a long time follower. Whatever the case may be, we just wanted to say thanks…

2014 Holiday Card

We wanted to stop and say we’re thankful for you. So often the holidays are a rush of parties, shopping, and craziness. Today we pause from all of that to say “You’re awesome”. Thank you for coming to visit us and taking time out of your day to either read our blog, frequent our website, or purchase products from us. All of us at National Event Supply wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2015!

The National Event Supply Team

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How to keep folding chairs together using ganging clips

Chairs in arenas, theatres, stadiums and auditoriums are a great way to optimize the amount of guests or attendees you can get into a venue. Oftentimes though, these chairs are extremely expensive and are fixed to the venue, limiting the different ways and configurations a venue can be used for (i.e. for weddings, intimate concerts, events featuring lounge furniture + dance floors + banquet layouts). But if you’re looking for seating options instead of a fixed folding chair like auditorium seating, what solutions exist out on the market that keep folding chairs together in rows but can be easily deconstructed and stored after an event?

I'd like to introduce you to a small and unassuming chair accessory called the chair ganging clip.

Plastic Folding Chair Ganging Clips

These ganging clips fit onto plastic folding chair legs just below the seat back and at the bottom of the legs just above the chair feet to keep the folding chairs together in a row. Ganging Clips on Folding Chairs Ganging Clips on Folding Chairs 2

They make it easy for event coordinators or their staff to set up folding chair rows in any venue imaginable and then easily deconstruct the set up after the event is finished for easy storage. For event venue managers or owners, they are a cost effective way to free up as many different configurations as possible for your event venue. Your venue has the ability to cater to multitudes of different event styles because of this ingenious little product.

I would recommend finding chair ganging clips that are of a similar colour to the folding chair legs of your event as then they blend into the chair itself and allow the event décor to be the main visual instead.

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Celebrating Canada Day with National Event Supply!

Special Event supply is our bread and butter. Special event rentals is yours. We hope our products in your inventory are generating lots of revenue for you all this Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day

We will be back tomorrow with more great content! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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