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How much do 8 foot harvest tables cost in Canada?

8-Foot Harvest Table

8 foot harvest tables have fast become THE table to rent for rustic or vintage weddings. The trend first caught on 2013 and hasn’t shown signs of stopping. Finding tables that can be transported easily is another matter entirely though. Most tables on the market cannot be disassembled and we’ve heard from many rental companies that they’re making their own – so be prepared when deciding to get into the harvest table trend that you could need to set aside a lot of space in your warehouse should you decide to go with a table that doesn’t disassemble.

Cost of 8 foot harvest table

8 foot harvest tables will range quite dramatically in price because there is so few wholesalers that stock harvest tables so you may need to buy retail depending on the style of table required. A traditional harvest table with rustic styled wood and a walnut / dark fruitwood stain will range in price from $489.95 to $2135 Canadian. These tables will seat 8-10 people and allow for ample space to place family style food dishes down the center while still allowing people plenty of room to eat. Because of how much an 8 foot harvest table can weigh, you should expect shipping to be higher than a regular folding table based on how large the tables are as well as how heavy they can be.

Hopefully this post has given you an idea how much you should be budgeting for harvest tables for your rental inventory.

National Event Supply has just released an 8 foot solid wood harvest table with walnut finish. The table features removable legs so rental companies can more easily store and transport the tables. If you’re interested in getting a quote for our 8 foot harvest table, contact us here.

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