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How much do dark fruitwood Chiavari chairs cost in Canada?

Dark Fruitwood Chiavari Chair

Photo source: P.S. Event Rentals

Dark Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs are one of the darker types of wood Chiavari chairs that work beautifully with crisp white linens and can pair nicely in décor settings that need a richer true brown instead of mahogany colour. If your event venue or party rental company is in the market for new dark fruitwood Chiavari chairs, one of the first questions that probably comes to mind is “how much do dark fruitwood Chiavari chairs cost in Canada?” This article will attempt to answer this important question so venues and event rental companies can properly budget for their purchases.

The short answer for a dark fruitwood Chiavari chair’s cost is: it depends.

But we’re not just going to leave you hanging. The range in cost for a dark fruitwood Chiavari chair in Canada is $36.95 – $96.47. The range varies so dramatically in cost because there are a number of U.S. companies selling into Canada that appear to have baked the duties into the cost. These same companies also feature the very highest cost in the price range for less than 24 chairs in an attempt to prohibit consumer purchases or purchases of a lower quantity.

Because Chiavari chairs, regardless of whether it is a wood Chiavari chair or resin Chiavari chair is shipped on skids, the cost of shipping tends to be more than a normal consumer shipping purchase – for say a pair of shoes or clothing. To give an estimate for how much additional shipping cost you should budget for your chairs, shipping for 100 chairs would cost about 15-25% of the order, assuming it is going to a major centre

If you'd like to know more about dark fruitwood Chiavari chairs or any other type of Chiavari chair for that matter, we're ready to help get you informed to make the very best event equipment selection for your particular needs. Contact us for pricing or check out some of our other Chiavari chair articles for additional information:

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