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What Size Truck to Transport Chiavari Chairs?

Truck to Transport Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs, whether resin or wood, are an awkward inventory item to transport due to their large footprint and inability to stack efficiently. New party rental companies, existing party rental companies looking to expand from folding tables and plastic folding chairs into Chiavari chairs, and other companies looking to pick up instead of incurring shipping costs often wonder the size of truck is required to transport Chiavari chairs. Below we'll outline the size of truck required for the number of Chiavari chairs, as well as how best to transport them to avoid damage.

How to Transport Chiavari Chairs Without Damaging:

Here at National Event Supply, we stack our resin Chiavari chairs on skids that are 52" x 48" in order to properly ship them across Canada. All Party Rental Companies receive a free Chiavari chair storage cover included with each chair and we recommend that companies continue to use them in transport to their end customers as well as to store the chairs to keep them in good shape and free from minor scratches.

Skids are stacked in 6 stacks of 7 Chiavari chairs, and then wrapped in clear shrink wrap, then cardboard, and finally black shrink wrap to protect the chairs in transit and avoid the stacks from toppling in transit. We would recommend you utilize our shipping methods to transport your chairs to customers – which should minimize the damage caused in transit and protect your inventory investment.

What Size Truck to Transport Chiavari Chairs:

Assuming the skids are 52" long x 48" wide x 89" tall and fit 42 Chiavari chairs on them, below would be the number of skids and number of chairs that can be transported in each vehicle. Note that you can transport more chairs if you stack them in the truck versus take them on a skid. We will however stick to how many you can fit on a skid as it is the most secure method.

Truck# of Skids per TruckSkid SizeHow many stacks and how high?# of Chiavari Chairs total per Truck
Cube Truck 14' (i.e. Ford E350) 6 48x40 4 stacks per skid at 5 chairs high per stack 120
Cube Truck 16' (i.e. Chevrolet Express LWB) 6 48x40 6 stacks per skid at 5 chairs high per stack 180
Cube Truck 24' (i.e. Hino 338) 10 52x48 6 stacks per skid at 7 chairs high per stack 420

If you're interested in a truck that we haven't outlined above, we'd be happy to talk with you on how many skids and total number of Chiavari chairs would fit the truck you're interested in. Tweet us your question, Post on our Facebook timeline or give us a call at 1-800-827-8953.

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