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How to Store Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs are beautiful additions to any event that needs an elegant boost to the décor. Rental companies, banquet halls, golf courses and hotels have been buying these chairs for years. One of the hardest part about investing in chiavari chairs is the size of storage space that they take up. Often companies will have to move to a bigger facility to begin inventorying these gorgeous event chairs. To help you figure out what way you wish to store these chairs, we’re compiled the three different ways (we know of) to store Chiavari chairs.

Stacked on the Ground:

90% of the companies we sell to use this method for storing Chiavari Chairs. Chiavari chairs are stacked on top of each other to a total of 6-9 chairs (depending on the height of the storage room / warehouse and how far you can reach to stack them) and then another stack started to create rows of Chiavari Chairs. To transport onto trucks, they would use a Chiavari chair dolly. Chiavari Chairs Stacked

Stacked & Wrapped on Skids:

The other way that we’ve seen chiavari chairs stored, and how we ship our chairs, is by stacking 6 stacks of six chairs per stack on a skid and then wrapping the skid to avoid any product shifting or falling. The benefits of this method is the skids can then be placed on warehouse racking using up more vertical space above the chairs. These skids could then be transported onto your delivery truck using a fork lift or pump truck.

In a Racking System:

Some more progressive party rental companies have been making their own racking systems to fit stacks of chiavari chairs onto racking and then use forklifts to transport the racking system directly to the trucks. We have only witnessed one company in particular who is investing in this – but it makes a lot of sense from an operations perspective.

Protecting Chiavari Chairs:

Another aspect of storing Chiavari chairs is ensuring that the chair’s paint doesn’t get harmed during storage. On the pictures above you can see we use Chiavari Chair Covers to protect our chairs for our customers. This could be a good option for party rental companies who want to reduce any dust getting on the chairs when they’re back in their warehouse.

If you know of another way to store Chiavari chairs, let us know by tweet us at @NatlEventSupply or Liking and commenting on our Facebook page.

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