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Blog posts from January, 2017

What You Were Reading on the Blog in 2016

To say 2016 has been an eventful year would be a vast understatement.

Around the world there have been some news stories worthy of the history books – a jaw dropping U.S. election, Brexit, the devastating Fort McMurray wildfires, the highs and lows of the Rio Olympics, and the Queen turning 90 – to name a few. Looking back on our past year, we had some historic events in our office – though not quite on the same scale as the previous stories.

In the past twelve months, we added over 33 new products, doubled our warehouse space in the Toronto Area, and experienced a 30% growth in our average monthly website traffic.

The 6 articles shared here are part of the reason why.

The Best Tent Manufacturers in Canada-

The Best Chef Autobiographies to Read this Summer-

How much do chiavari chairs cost to buy in Canada-

How much weight can plastic folding tables hold-

The best companies for event staffing in Toronto-

Porcelain dinnerware vs china dinnerware vs ceramic dinnerware-

But without a doubt, the biggest reason why we’ve had such a stellar year is because of readers like you. Thank you for reading and sharing our content throughout the industry! We couldn’t have done this without you and we look forward to bringing in more event equipment for you to offer your clients! We also look forward to continuing to learn, grow and impart wisdom as the industry grows. Cheers to a prosperous 2017 in the Rental Industry!

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National Event Supply has Relocated!

Nashua Drive

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a safe New Year’s Eve! Since December 1st we have been busy moving our Mississauga warehouse location. All employees pitched in throughout the month to ensure we were up and running in the new location on Monday December 19th in the new Mississauga Ontario Headquarters.

Since our move took place over the holiday season and email / mail / website communications happened around the same time, I thought it best to also include on our blog that we have now moved to our new location. I’m sure some of the communications fell through the cracks with some people what with all the vacations enjoyed during this time of year.

You can find us at:
3544 Nashua Drive
Mississauga, ON
L4V 1L2

Our phone number, toll free number and fax number have remained the same.

Here are directions from the major routes to our new location.

We hope to see you at our new warehouse sometime in the near future!

For industry news, company news and new product alerts, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.

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