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How Strong are Natural Wood Folding Chairs

Bag of QuestionsWe love testing our chairs and watching them fail under enormous amounts of weight. The last time we tested a chair, we weren't able to get enough weight onto the bistro chair to get it to fail. We've made videos where our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Chairs collapsed under the weight of the salt. We'd shown our plastic folding chairs holding weight overnight to show their durability. But our stacking bistro chairs? 1800 pounds resting on the chair and no collapse.

Our goal when we bring in new products is to bring in quality products. We're not interested in bringing the cheapest products if they're going to fall apart the second time that our customer use them. Durability was one of the key issues we had when we brought in our Natural Wood Folding Chair. We were already selling an incredible White Resin Folding Chair (see the stress test video here) and we didn't want a weak wooden chair that would disappoint customers looking for a wood folding chair as strong as our resin folding chairs. Earlier this year, when we shot the footage for the most recent set of stress test videos, the Natural Wood Folding Chair was high on our list of products to get tested. How did it hold up? Check out the video below.


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