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How Much Do Spandex Cocktail Table Covers Cost in Canada?

Spandex cocktail table covers are a popular linen option to cover wood cruiser tables or folding high cocktail tables for events. They`re sleek, contemporary, and easy to clean for party rental companies, hotels, golf courses, banquet halls or caterers who stock them. When these companies are starting their search for spandex cocktail table covers, the most common question encountered seems to be how much do spandex cocktail table linens cost in Canada? This blog post will detail the range of cost (in Canadian dollars, assuming as if buying from a Canadian or US event equipment supplier) and the colour choices and reasons for cost variations.

Stretch cocktail table covers vary greatly in the Canadian Market and range in price from $19.95 CDN - $58.00 CDN. The price tends to vary based on colour of fabric (as some suppliers charge extra for different colours), size of fabric (a 42” high linen will generally be more expensive than a 30” high linen) and the finishing associated with the table cover (whether it is a hemmed or surged finish). The most popular colours for spandex cocktail table cloths include white, black and ivory.

Shipping costs on Spandex Cocktail Table Covers:

The shipping costs of these linens usually run $7.00 – $25.00 per table cover depending on the size of the order (shipping costs tend to decrease dramatically per piece based on volume), where it is shipping from and where it is shipping to. The shipping costs vary solely on volume, weight and shipping location. Nationally based suppliers to the hospitality industry will have multiple warehouses across the country to provide better shipping rates coast to coast. Also keep in mind that suppliers in the United States often may not have factored in the duties and customs fees associated with trans-border linen shipments – which tend to add an additional cost to each piece (above and beyond the exchange associated with the Canadian / United States Dollar).

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