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5 Problems with Wood Folding Tables

Much like my previous post, 5 Problems with Plastic Folding Tables, this post will focus on the 5 most common problems with Wood Folding Tables. Chances are if you have ever considered purchasing a Wood (or Plywood) Folding Table, you have also considered the difficulties that you may experience with this particular type of table. Without any further ado, here are the 5 most common problems you can experience with Wood folding tables.

Wood Tables Can Split and Splinter When Dropped

Wood Table Damaged by being DroppedPlywood tables unfortunately can splinter. This typically occurs if they are dropped; the area that sustained the impact will show damage similar to the picture. If you have the facilities to turn a damaged table into a smaller table (8-ft into a 6-ft) then this risk may not affect your purchase decision. If you do not have the facilities to make a fix you will likely need to purchase a new table.

The Table Feet Fall Off

Okay so apparently this is a problem with both wood and plastic folding tables! Again like the plastic folding table feet, the wood folding table feet generally don’t just fall off, they are pulled off unintentionally. The most common culprit is still the soft ground. While not a major issue by any means it certainly can be an annoying one. To solve this issue you will occasionally need to buy replacement feet so the tables won’t scratch or mar the floor surfaces where they are being used.

Table Legs Don’t Stay Folded in Place

Unlike plastic folding tables that use clips to hold the folded legs in place, wood folding tables use friction from the folding mechanism to stay folded. With time, wear and tear causes there to be less and less friction meaning the legs can start to unfold while the table is being moved.

Wood Tables Do Not Survive Well Outdoors

Wood Table Exposed to ElementsIf you have spent some time checking out our blog, you will have seen our long term Plastic Folding Table and Wood Folding Table outdoor durability test. In this test we have taken things to the extreme, absolutely nothing has been done to either table since they were set up months ago. From the blog posts you can clearly see that if the table is going to be spending very much time outside exposed to the elements, you will probably want to purchase plastic folding tables.

Maintenance Can Be Tedious

Unlike plastic folding tables that require a quick wipe down and little else, wood folding tables can require additional maintenance. While not required and generally dependent on the use, many wood folding table owners opt to refinish their tables every year or two. This process involves sanding, staining (if desired), and a final varnish coat. If done correctly the table can look just about like new but keep in mind there is significant effort involved in this process.

If you’re interested in learning more about our NES Wood Folding Tables or our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Tables just give us a call or drop us a note.