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Shipping FAQ: Is my order coming on a skid or in individual loose boxes?

Less than a Truckload

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Previously I explained the difference between what a customer generally perceives shipping event equipment to look like versus what the reality tends to look like. It occurred to me when I was writing the post that it isn’t necessarily clear whether a shipment will be skidded or package shipped. Taking the time to lay out some of the general shipping rules we use (keeping in mind there are exceptions) could be useful in anticipating how much help you need when accepting shipment.

Shipping Folding Tables:

Generally when we’re shipping less than 5 plastic folding tables, they’re shipped packaged shipping. Any order with more than 5 plastic folding tables tends to be shipped on a skid. Generally it’s better to ship a 72” round table on a skid. Because of how big these tables are, they ship more safely on skids. That being said, we do occasionally ship them without skids. When we’re shipping less than 5 wood folding tables, they tend to still be shipped on a skid because they do not come in boxes and are more prone to damage in the shipping process.

Shipping Event Chairs in Boxes:

Plastic folding chairs, blow mold folding chairs, folding bar chairs, resin folding chairs and wood folding chairs are all shipped in boxes. A general rule of thumb for shipping event chairs is anything over 4 boxes is shipped on a skid. Anything under 4 boxes is shipped package.

Shipping Other Event Chairs:

If we ship a sample Chiavari Chair, Cross Back Chair, Bistro Chair, or banquet chair, they will be boxed and shipped package. Any orders over 3 chairs are generally shipped on a skid while under 3 chairs are shipped package.

Shipping Porcelain Dinnerware, Glassware, Cutlery and Table Cloths:

Shipping porcelain dinnerware, glassware, cutlery and table cloths depends on how many boxes your total order is. That is why we include how many inner packs make up a total case in the product description. 1 to 3 boxes are generally shipped package while any more than 3 boxes are shipped skid. Glassware is packaged in larger boxes then their normal packaging to provide extra cushioning.

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