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Problems with Plastic Folding Chairs

Problems with Plastic Folding ChairsChances are that if you've ever considered purchasing plastic folding chairs, you've also considered the problems you may eventually face with the chairs. To avoid prospects and customers having to search for all the problems that may exist, we've compiled them all into a post to optimize your time and energy.

Folding Chair Feet can Fall Off

While folding chair feet don't normally just fall right off, they can be pulled off unintentionally. This generally happens if the plastic folding chairs are being set up on soft grass or ground. When a guest sits down on the chair, the feet sink into the ground. Then when the event is being torn down, if a staff member isn't paying attention, the feet can stay in the ground while the rest of the chair is folded and stacked. Replacement chair feet are available in the market should this occur. They are normally $0.25 each and come in black, white, tan, and grey in colours. Alternatively it's just a matter of training your customers or staff to ensure all chair feet are on the chairs.

Folding Chair Backs or Seats can Break

If the folding chair is made with recycled plastic, this form of plastic is often too brittle to be able to properly flex. We learned of a test to be able to tell whether a plastic folding chair is susceptible to damage. You can read more about how to tell the difference between recycled plastic folding chairs and regular plastic folding chairs here.

Plastic Folding Chairs Frames & Rivets can Rust

Plastic folding chair legs are powder coated to avoid rusting from occurring on a regular basis. If a chair starts to show signs of wear and tear such as scratches through the powder coating or is being left outside on a consistent basis rusting can occur. In order to avoid rusting from occurring make sure you’re properly storing your folding chairs in a dry location and either re-powder coating or replacing your chairs to avoid rust.

Rivets can be poor quality

Rivets, the metal pin that allows the chairs to fold, are generally of high quality. However, as suppliers continue to push manufacturers to decrease their costs, the trade-off is a lower quality folding chair. Metal rivets become thinner, chair legs have a thinner metal gauge, and plastic becomes recycled. Try testing out a sample chair the way we do – stacking lots of salt bags on it to see at what point it breaks. This helps you determine whether the rivets are strong enough for your organization's needs.

It's not mere coincidence that we have legitimate solutions to the problems associated with plastic folding chairs. At National Event Supply we constantly pore over our products to eliminate any potential problems and make life easier for everyone.

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