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New Variation of our Plywood Folding Table Now Available!

Over the years the standard plywood folding table sizes have grown in popularity for us.  With this success we have continually listened to our customers to find new sizes and styles of tables to add to our product catalogue.  The latest additions to hit our shelves are the following items:

  • 66” NES Round Wood Folding Table
  • 6-ft Rectangle Wood Folding Table Legs
  • 8-ft Rectangle Wood Folding Table Legs
  • 60” Wood Round Folding Table
  • Wood Folding Table Feet

National Event Supply has offered a standard range of wood folding tables for several years now.  In both the plywood tables and plastic tables, the popularity of the 60” Round is undeniable.  It's a great size that suits many different situations extremely well and is a popular table option to fit an 8 person meal on (see Why I Love Round Folding Tables: Better Conversations). But what if you are looking for something that fits 10 people for a meal?  And what if you are looking to optimize your space? If that's the case you should consider our new 66" plywood round folding tables! They don't take up quite as much space as our 72" plywood round folding tables but can still seat 10 people for dinner. Additionally the 66" wood round folding table is less expensive than the 72" wood round folding table.

Plywood Table Feet

Have you ever lost the feet on any of your tables? Have you had troubles finding replacements?  Well look no further, National Event Supply is now stocking replacement feet for wood folding tables. They really are the perfect addition to our ever growing selection of parts. So what tables do they fit? They fit all NES Plywood Folding Tables and many other wood folding tables that use 1" diameter tubing for the legs. Unlike the plastic folding tables and plastic folding chairs that use feet that surround the bottom of the leg, the wood folding table feet actually fit inside the steel tube. If any of your tables are missing feet, be sure to give us a call before they scratch your floors!

The final product that we have added to our line-up this go around is the 6-ft Rectangle Wood Folding Table Legs, 8-ft Rectangle Wood Folding Table Legs, and 60” Wood Round Folding Table. If you are familiar with National Event Supply products you may have noticed that we actually currently offer these products however they are slightly different than the new offering. Unlike the current offering that has a gravity lock to keep them in place, the new legs have a snap lock to hold them in place. The snap lock solution is idea for the rental industry and other customers that need to move their tables on a regular basis. The gravity lock is great when the table is in place but when you are folding up the table it can often fall back into the locked position, making the fold up process somewhat frustrating for some people. The replacement legs are ideal for people looking to build their own tables or someone that already has damaged the legs on one of their existing wood folding tables.

If you have any questions about any of our new wood folding table products or any of our other products don't hesitate to contact us!