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How much do 66 inch round folding tables cost in Canada?

NES 66 Inch Round Folding TableWith event venues, hotels and party rental companies, there is definitely a case for purchasing 66 inch round folding tables. As mentioned in our previous post, 66 inch round folding tables allow for 10 people to be seated comfortably at a table for dinner, while allowing more tables (and thus more people) into the event space than a 72 inch round folding table. If you're looking to invest in new round banquet tables, ensuring that you have approximate costs for budgeting purposes as well as an idea of how many extra people can fit into the space makes a huge difference in asking management for additional funds. So it's not surprising that one of the questions we often get asked is "How much do 66 inch round folding tables cost in Canada?" We've rounded up the range in cost of 66 inch round tables available to purchase in Canada for easy reference below.

66 inch round folding tables vary in price quite dramatically. The reasoning behind this is because of the structure of the table, material the table is made of, distribution of table and the brand of table. If you're looking for 66 inch round folding tables, be sure to budget approximately $120.00CDN - $580.00CDN per table. Wood folding tables will be the least expensive of the round banquet tables mentioned in this post. That doesn't necessarily mean that they’re not solid (as we've proven in our product testing videos). ABS plastic folding tables will be middle of the road in terms of budget and are more expensive than wood folding tables as they feature a honeycomb core to increase their strength – which increases manufacturing costs. Laminate on wood folding tables will be the most expensive as they are often made in the USA which has more costly labour and production expenses. They are able to be set up without polyester tablecloths though.

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