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Why Adding Event Tables and Chairs to Your Rental Inventory is Good Business

Event Tables and ChairsPerhaps you own a party rental company that only deals in dinnerware, flatware, glassware and linens, or you’re an inflatable rental company or a tool and small equipment company – whatever the case may be I’m sure you’ve thought at one point in time about investing in event tables and event chairs.

There are a million reasons why to not do something – initial investment, lack of storage space, lack of staff etc but have you considered the positive reasons?

Chances are if you already have recurring customers, you have fans that want to work with you. Not only would adding tables and chairs to your inventory bring you in new customers but your repeat customers who know and like working with you more often than not will order what they’ve already been ordering from you PLUS event tables and chairs.

This means your average order revenue will increase. People are more likely to buy from who they already know and trust. Being able to increase what you can offer your customers will mean more purchases per order.

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