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White Resin Folding Chairs vs. White Wood Folding Chairs

White Resin Folding ChairsThe most popular type of event chair we sell has always been the white resin folding chair. It has such a classic style and is an elegant, stylish and affordable alternative to a more expensive chiavari chair. Because of this, party rental companies, event venues, and golf courses buy thousands every year to appease special event coordinators and brides. Because of this classic event chair silhouette, I thought it made sense to provide an honest comparison between a white wood folding chair versus a white resin folding chair. This will let you decide what folding chair you feel makes the most sense for your business – while providing a transparent look at the pros and cons of each kind of chair.

Below is a detailed comparison of the resin vs wood folding chair.

White Resin Folding Chairs


  • During informal stress tests, breaks at 748lbs of weight
  • Stackable when folded flat and locks in place to other chairs – requiring no additional straps
  • Doesn't show scratches due to resin being same colour throughout chair
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Screw covers are replaceable
  • Screw covers flush with resin
  • Seat is replaceable


  • Higher initial cost to purchase
  • Slightly heavier in weight 9.9lbs
  • Can yellow with age
  • Harder to repair – more likely to have to replace

White Wood Folding Chairs


  • Lower initial cost to purchase
  • Slightly lighter in weight 9.1 lbs
  • Stackable when folded flat
  • Seat is replaceable should it be stained or ripped
  • Easy to repair as wood can be sanded and re-painted


  • Shows scratches easily when the wood is painted as wood interior is light
  • Need to be secured with bungee cords or ratchet tie down straps as wood folding chairs don’t lock together when stacked and will move unless secured
  • Screw covers are not replaceable
  • Screw covers are not flush with wood
  • Higher maintenance costs associated (wood needs to be sanded and repainted or re-stained to properly maintain)

Each folding chair has plenty of fans and has widespread penetration into the special events market. Whichever chair you decide upon will be a popular chair for your rental inventory or will provide you with lots of event business. Hopefully this comparison post will give you the information you need to make the decision that’s right for you and your business.

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