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Which style of Chiavari chair cushion is Best?

At National Event Supply, we offer 3 styles of cushions for Chiavari chairs; the traditional fabric Chiavari chair cushion, a vinyl cushion and a plywood base cushion. Each of the three cushion styles is available in White, Black and Ivory. Custom special order colours are available for the Chiavari cushions but can take 120+ days to source since not all the same custom colours are available from our suppliers.

Fabric Chiavari Chair Cushions

White Fabric Chiavari Chair Cushion

This are the traditional style of Chiavari chair cushion that is secured to the chair by Velcro tags at the back of the cushion. This is the most popular style of Chiavari chair cushion that is used extensively and gives the classic Chiavari chair look. The fabric cushion is available for $5.95/cushion or included free of charge when you purchase a Chiavari chair from National Event Supply.

While the fabric Chiavari cushion is the most popular style of cushion, it also comes with the highest maintenance costs as the fabric will need to be washed on a fairly frequent basis. The fabric is also more susceptible to staining and discolouration. This is more problematic with the white and ivory coloured fabric coverings versus the black fabric coverings. And while the washing effort is not all that difficult, putting the foam cushions back inside the fabric coverings can be quite time consuming and challenging to say the least. The other issue that can occur with the fabric Chiavari cushion is occasionally the Velcro tie tags will pull away (and off) from the back of the cushion. To fix this the Velcro tags either need to be re-sewn into the cushion or the fabric cushion needs to be replaced with a new cushion.

Vinyl Chiavari Chair Cushion

White Vinyl Chiavari Chair Cushion

The vinyl Chiavari cushion has the same shape and classic look as the fabric style Chiavari chair cushion only the covering is made of vinyl. Vinyl Chiavari cushions are available at a cost of $8.45 each or a $2.50 upcharge if you are buying Chiavari chairs from National Event Supply.

The vinyl Chiavari cushions will perform dramatically better than the fabric cushions and will be more resistant to staining and discoloration. With that said however they do occasionally become stained or discoloured (particularly from red wine, tree saps and bird droppings). In addition, since the vinyl Chiavari chair cushions have the same Velcro tie tags as the fabric cushions; these will also need to be repaired.

Plywood Base Chiavari Chair Cushion

Plywood-Based Vinyl Chiavari Chair Cushion

The plywood base Chiavari chair cushion comes with either a PU (Polyurethane) covering or a vinyl covering and cost $9.45 each or an upcharge of $3.50 if you are buying Chiavari chairs from National Event Supply.

The Plywood base Chiavari chair cushions have a Velcro strip on the bottom of the plywood base which helps to secure them to the seat of the Chiavari chair and creates a very elegant, finished look for the Chiavari chair. As a result, this option has become a very popular choice for customers looking to upgrade the cushions on their Chiavari chairs.

If you're interested in learning more about Chiavari Chairs or Chiavari Chair Cushions, why not drop a line to one of our outstanding sales reps?