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Top Special Event News of Interest

With business finally calming down long enough to breathe I thought I would round up some of the most relevant articles that I thought were worth reading. It is so hard for one person to check multiple news and blogs every day, all week so this blog helps to alleviate the need for having to spend a lot of time reviewing the top special event news. Check out the articles below:

7 Tips for Time Management from Caterers for Caterers

This article has some great time management tips from caterers who have already learned the hard way. Though written by a caterer, for other caterers, the advice doesn’t strictly apply to the catering industry and can be used across different industries. Get insight into what works for other caterers and how you can implement these time management tips into your work day.

The Winners of the 2016 BizBash Event Style Awards

Get event inspiration and see some of the best ideas and smartest strategies in events and meetings by looking through the winning events of the 2016 BizBash Event Style Awards. The entries demonstrated innovation, quality of execution, effectiveness and an influential impact on the event and meeting industry.

An Industrial Revolution

The rustic farm décor theme has been a hot trend for years but the latest trends are shifting into industrial-style products. Metal chairs, stools, tables made of stainless steel are being used at a variety of events. They pair well with the rustic farm décor lending to upsell opportunities of a party rental’s existing inventory. Hear what event equipment suppliers and party rental companies are saying about this trend.

A Guided Meditation: A 10-Minute Practice for People Who Think They Can’t

There’s tons of scientific proof how beneficial meditation is towards decreasing stress levels, increasing your focus and attention and improving your memory. We can all use some more of those benefits! The problem with getting into a meditation practice is that there is delayed gratification. You don’t receive an instant rush of pleasure or joy or instantly feel calm which makes it harder to continue or start. I found this 10 minute guided meditation that is for beginners and aptly for people who think they can’t meditate. Enjoy!

Creating a Distinctive Atmosphere for Multiple Events Using One Tent

Tented events often end up looking like the same event when all is said and done. That’s why creating a distinctive atmosphere, or multiple atmospheres can play a key role in the success of using one tent and help it stand out from the crowd.

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