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Top Questions Answered Regarding 8ft Spandex Table Covers

This week at NES we were a little short staffed with some of our team away for weddings, holidays, and bereavement leave so this gave me a great opportunity to help out answering the phones again. It has been a while since I have regularly manned the phones and I was a little rusty on the kinds of questions that might come up. It is always a great experience listening to our potential customers and I can always find new material to write about so our customer’s don’t have to take time out of their busy days to call us for an answer.

One of the first questions that came up was will our 8ft Spandex table covers fit an 8ft wood banquet table, AND do they have webbed pockets for the legs of the table to go into?

White Webbed Pocket for 8-ft Spandex

The easiest part of the question to answer was the about the pockets. YES we do have webbed pockets for the table legs to go into. The webbed pockets help dramatically improve the durability and useful life of the Spandex table linen so you are able to get many uses out of the covering.


With our first shipment of stretch table cloths we received a white webbed pocket like the picture on the upper left, while our future shipments now have webbed pockets that match the colour of the Spandex table linen (similar to the black spandex shown to the right).

Black Webbing for 8-ft Spandex


Picture A

8-ft Wood Table with Spandex

For the next part of the question, Would our 8ft Spandex cover fit an 8ft wood table?-We decided the best way to test this was to put one of our 8ft Black Spandex Table covers onto one of our own NES 8ft Wood Folding tables. Here’s a picture (on the left) of the result. While the 8ft Spandex table linen will fit one of our 8ft wood folding banquet tables, it is definitely tight at each end and a little loose across the middle of the table. (And you can see it showing a little bit of the white webbed foot pocket).


Picture B

When you compare this to how our 8ft Spandex table covers fit on one of our NES Reliable 8ft plastic folding tables, you realize they were made for an 8ft Plastic folding table. What a gorgeous sleek look and fit and a great way to separate yourself from your competitors.

8-ft Plastic Table with Spandex


So now that we have shown you the results, what’s the big reason for the difference?

The placement of the table legs is the major reason for the 8ft Spandex not fitting our 8ft Wood folding table as nicely as our 8ft plastic folding table. Our NES 8ft Wood folding table legs are positioned about 19 inches from the end of the table, while on our NES Reliable 8ft Plastic folding tables the legs are positioned about 8.5 inches from the end of the table.

So we believe if you have an 8ft folding table where the table legs are positioned anywhere from really close to the edge to about 10 inches from the end of the table, you should be able to obtain a look similar to what we are showing in Picture B.

If however your table’s legs are positioned further in from the end of the table, the look of your Spandex will be similar to that of Picture A.

If you’re interested in obtaining a custom quote for black spandex covers including shipping: