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Top Food Trends for 2016

In Google we trust rings true in this day and age. Google owns more than 72% global search engine market share (Source) and due to this position, is able to forecast the trends we’re on the cusp of, the trends that are sure bets, and the trends that are seasonally strong – while still forecasted to be seasonally strong the next time that particular season rolls around. Just last week, Google released its annual Food Trends 2016 report. This report shares a wealth of data surrounding that gives those in the food industry, or servicing the food industry useful data for planning purposes. Utilizing this report can help restaurants and caterers pinpoint new menu items to introduce, as well as giving party rental companies an insight into what caterers and other customers will be requesting more of in the way of dinnerware and serveware to accompany events.

Google breaks down its findings of top increased search traffic and top decreased search traffic into the six different categories: Sustained Risers, Seasonal Risers, Rising Stars, and Sustained Decliners, Seasonal Decliners, and Falling Stars. Here are the top results for each category.

The top Sustained Riser or a trend that has experienced steady growth over the past few years and a safe bet to add to your repertoire is:


Food Trends-Ramen

The top Seasonal Riser or trend that is likely to come back stronger than ever is:


Food Trends-Pho

The Top Rising Star that has seen a sudden growth in the past few months (and not necessarily a safe bet) is:


Food Trends-Tumeric

The Top Sustained Decliner or trend that has experienced a steady decline over the past few years and is fading is:

Gluten Free Cupcakes

Food trends- Gluten Free Cupcakes

The Top Seasonal Decliner or trend that is likely to decrease in demand year over year is:


Food Trends-Quinoa

The Top Falling Star that Google categorizes as a fad that has reached its peak and has already started a rapid decline is:

Rainbow Bagel

Food Trends- Rainbow Bagels

Photo Source: Scot Rossillo “World’s Premier Bagel Artist” for The Bagel Store, Brooklyn, NY

Each rising and falling trend category details another 4-5 food trends besides the top trends mentioned above. They also do a deep dive into top trending food themes along with an extensive list of the top volume food searches. To view the full and detailed report, head over to Google’s Food Trends 2016 Report.

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