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The difference between a Wholesale Restaurant Supply Store versus a Restaurant Supply

Ovali Dessert PlateBuying restaurant dishes and other restaurant supplies is just one of the multitudes of tasks restaurant operators and chefs have to deal with. Figuring out if there’s a difference between wholesale restaurant supply stores versus a regular restaurant supply is frankly not high on the list. That’s why we’re writing this post – so you don’t have to figure it out yourselves.

Wholesale Restaurant Supply Stores:

  • Buy direct from factory
  • Stock warehouses full of inventory to avoid shipping delays (as much as possible)
  • Same/next day shipping
  • No large corporations behind them to set pricing on their behalf
  • Better ability to facilitate custom orders with direct relationships to factories
  • In-house brands versus name brands such as Steelite, Dudson, Royal Dalton, Libby, Browne or Oneida
  • Open stock allows most products to be purchased in small or very large quantities
  • Comparable quality items without the multiple markups (sometimes 3 or more markups)

Restaurant Supply:

  • Buy either direct from the Brand manufacturer or through a master distributor for the manufacturer
  • Have an extremely large number of items generally with small quantities in stock
  • Can have same/next day shipping if in stock. If not in stock could be 2-4 weeks or much longer for less prominent dish lines
  • Stock brand names such as Steelite, Dudson, Libby, Oneida, etc and price based on manufacturer’s suggested wholesale price
  • Are usually more expensive as a result of major brand name pricing
  • Often have minimum quantities you need to buy – i.e. buy restaurant dinnerware in case packs

Hopefully this clears up any confusion on the differences amongst the two. Whomever you buy from, make sure regardless of whether they mark themselves as wholesale restaurant supplies, that they offer value for the quality offered, customer service that makes you happy and stock the inventory you require.

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