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Tents in Canada for Every Occasion

Tents in Canada are a fantastic option for outdoor events when you want the assurance that no elements will get in the way of the day’s activities. Because of this, and because of the seasons the majority of Canada experiences, a large portion of party rental companies have either already invested in tents to rent out or are seriously considering adding in the near future.

I found this infographic on the different types of tent options for every occasion. While I don’t feel this infographic is nearly inclusive enough on all the different types of tents that exist, it does provide a good overview of why one may choose a frame tent over a pole tent for example. It also showcases additional upsell items that it might make sense to offer as part of your rental inventory. If you have a blog, I’d suggest including this on your blog as a way to add additional value to your potential customers. It may help them have a better understanding of the tents and accessories available before they rent.

Make it a Party with a Tent!

Explore more visuals like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Additional accessories you should consider promoting to your clients to go along with a tent rental include folding tables for their event, Chiavari chairs or white resin folding chairs, as well as the different banquet tablecloths that they may need.

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