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Restaurants Canada 2016 Foodservice Market Review & Forecast

If you haven’t heard of Foodservice Facts, it is a 25 year old market review and forecast that Restaurants Canada publishes yearly on trends shaping the restaurant industry. The leading restaurant owners across the country use this report to determine potential impacts on their business as well as potential sources of revenue that can be used in the future. Restaurants Canada recently published this report, free to its members, where restaurant operators can use the important economic data found in the report to help stay on top of the latest trends and business conditions and use the information to stay ahead of their competition.

Some of the information to discover includes:

  • “Overall, foodservice sales in Canada advanced by $3.0 billion in 2015, representing a 4.1% increase over 2014.” (Page 11, Foodservice Facts 2016)
  • “60% of full-service restaurant revenues are generated by independent restaurants.” (Page 19, Foodservice Facts 2016)
  • The top reasons diners choose a quick-service restaurant and the top reasons people choose a full service restaurant. (Page 19, Foodservice Facts 2016)
  • “Disposable income is one of the economic indicators most closely tied to foodservice spending. Between 2000 and 2015, disposable income in Canada grew at a healthy rate of 4.6% per year…” (Page 26, Foodservice Facts 2016)
  • The split of traffic by on and off premise restaurant visits. (Page 38, Foodservice Facts 2016)
  • The top 10 foods and drinks. (Page 41, Foodservice Facts 2016)
  • The hot trends and up-and-coming trends. (Page 42, Foodservice Facts 2016)

If you’re already a member of Restaurants Canada look for this report in your mail. If you’re not already a member, you can purchase the report online here for $50.00 CDN. It’s worth every penny!

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